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Glycine plays important roles in the body, including the nervous system and the motor system. Studies have shown that glycine, as a neurotransmitter, is involved in processing motor and sensory information, enabling movement, vision, and hearing [1]. This amino acid also participates in collagen synthesis, potentially supporting cartilage regeneration. It has been proven that a severe glycine deficiency negatively affects collagen production. It is worth noting that substantial amounts of glycine need to be consumed in the diet to meet the demand for collagen synthesis [2]. According to research, taking glycine in the evening may improve subjective sleep quality and effectiveness, reducing daytime sleepiness and positively influencing cognitive functions [3]. Improvement in well-being upon awakening has also been observed, with study participants reporting reduced fatigue, increased vitality and energy, and improved mental clarity [4].

Glycine can be relatively easily obtained through a protein-rich diet. Good sources of this amino acid include meat, fish, dairy products, and vegetables [5]. Supplements are also helpful in meeting glycine requirements, allowing for personalized dosage.

Our supplement stands out due to its high glycine content (1000 mg in one capsule). The recommended daily dosage is 3000 mg, which can be achieved by taking 3 capsules. We suggest using the product 1 hour before bedtime. The product can also be taken in liquid form—simply open the capsule, mix it with water, and consume immediately. There is no need to worry about unpleasant taste sensations as glycine is sweet, so using it in powder form poses no problems.

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