Naughtyboy Winter Soldier - ImmuneShroom 120 Vcaps

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ImmuneShroom powered by IMMUSE® and CordycepsPrime®

Having a robust immune system is crucial for staying healthy and optimising your daily performance. However, immune challenges can be unpredictable. And your body’s natural defences can weaken due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress and fatigue, allergies and even intense exercise.

Protect the health and vitality of your immune system with IMMUSE®. The latest breakthrough in immune health, IMMUSE® is a cutting-edge postbiotic that activates multiple types of immune cells for stronger immune support you can rely upon 365 days a year. Supported by extensive clinical research, including 10 efficacy studies and 2 safety studies, IMMUSE® stimulates your body’s natural defences at the cellular level, preparing your immune system to respond quickly and appropriately to changing environments.

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