MuscleSport - Kings Ransom 'Legacy Edition'

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Rhino Kings Ransom™, 2019's Preworkout of the Year is back and MuscleSport’s most powerful pre-workout yet. This fully-loaded formula was built to provide the hands down best pre-workout experience possible. You thought you’ve had a premium pre workout before? You haven’t had anything like this.

This pre workout is the best the industry has to offer. Here’s why.

5 superior pump ingredients rapidly increase and sustain nitric oxide levels, engorging muscles with blood and nutrients. The unique combinations of ingredients Powered by a full 6 grams of L Citrulline, 1.5grams of Agmass™ and more in Rhino Kings Ransom™ help relax blood vessels by 3 unique mechanisms – increasing nitric oxide production, decreasing nitric oxide breakdown, and increasing the potency of available nitric oxide.  

The Cellular Energy Complex benefits all aspects of performance. The ability to put in the work is what ultimately drives success, and with 3.5 grams of Beta Alanine, 2.5 grams BetaPower™, and RhodioPrime6x™, Rhino Kings Ransom™ is guaranteed to raise the ceiling on your performance levels and work capacity.

What’s better than hard work? When hard work meets smart work. In the gym, that’s the Mind-Muscle connection. This is the difference between lifting a weight and training a muscle, and it has everything to do with focus. We’ve packed over 600mg of stimulant ingredients into Rhino Kings Ransom™ along with nootropic ingredients, like Alpha-GPC, Patented Cacao Rush™ and Novel ingredient,  Celastrus Paniculatus extract to increase energy and ensure that every rep is more effective.


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