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Flavours: Peach
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See You In The Gulag.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all pancaked dropping into Verdansk at least once, but that was then, this is now. Introducing GHOST® GAMER, the perfect combo of brain-boosting nootropics and natural energy delivered in true GHOST® form…SICK design, EPIC flavors and a STACKED, fully transparent formula. Regardless if you’re dropping in for a round of BR with the squad, driving the lane in 2k or squaring up a PK in FIFA, GHOST® GAMER delivers.

  • GHOST® Full Disclosure Label

  • 1600MG nooLVL® (per two scoops)

  • 1000MG L-Tyrosine (per two scoops)

  • 500MG Cognizin® Citicoline (per two scoops)

  • 150MG Natural Caffeine (per two scoops)

  • AstraGin®

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