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What does insure do?

Insure can help increase sensitivity of the muscle cell to aid in efficient uptake of carbohydrates, this results in less fat gain and less insulin demand, resulting in much greater overall health. It’s an important supplement for anyone looking to gain muscle , but keep fat gains to a minimum.

How does it do this?

When we eat carbohydrates , our body will release insulin to store these as glycogen in the muscle and the liver. During periods of offseason where body fat is increasing and caloric intake is higher, our cells are much less receptive to storing carbohydrates and when caloric intake is at its upper limit, the muscle cell will simply stop taking in glycogen - this can result in increased fat storage and an increase need for higher levels of insulin output , which can put stress on our pancreas and see fasted blood glucose levels rise. We can avoid this by cycling carbohydrates, being sure to keep activity levels higher through increased walking between meals and using insure at higher carb meals.

Each tub has 60 full servings  (3 caps)

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