Naughtyboy ISO-9 Whey Isolate 2kg

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Flavour: Caramel Biscuit
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NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 is our new Pure 100% Isolate whey protein.

NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 was created for those of us who favour purity, those of us who favour the low lactose triple-filtered purity that you get from ISO-9. It's lower-than-usual calorie point allows the ability to be adapted into any type of diet, especially for those who want to keep calories low and pure-quality protein high.

NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 was also created for people who enjoy a smoother thinner style of shake, optimising digestibility, texture and taste. Keeping quality and purity high, whilst keeping fat and carbs low, ISO-9 may be the best thing you can introduce to your diet.

NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 comes in flavours that have been chosen specifically because of the purity and texture of isolate proteins, flavours that suit the smoothness of a pure filtered whey isolate so that we can maintain the commitment to taste that NaughtyBoy®️ is known for.

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