Leviathan Nutrition - Kidney Support

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  •  WHAT DOES KIDNEY SUPPORT DO?     This product helps to maintain optimal kidney function and ensure the kidneys are properly filtering toxins from the body and regulating proper fluid levels.

  • WHO IS THIS PRODUCT FOR?    This product is for anyone looking to maintain proper kidney function and ensure a healthy bladder and urinary tract, from competitive athletes to those looking to add this product to their exercise and diet regimen for a healthier lifestyle.

  • WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS?    Improvement in blood flow, proper fluid retention, and overall quality of life may be seen immediately, with more lasting benefits towards kidney function being noticeable with 4 or more weeks of daily use.

  • HOW MUCH/HOW OFTEN SHOULD I TAKE?   This product should be taken every day, 2 capsules taken twice per day is the recommended dose.

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