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GlycoHD is a real world tested; clinically validated premium nutrient partitioning and glucose disposal agent (GDA) designed to aid in glucose uptake and insulin regulations which can ultimately help with your overall performance, recovery and physique. Unlike many other GDA’s found on the market today, GlycoHD targets multiple pathways within the body offering a plethora of effects such as:

  • Enhanced blood flow and nitric oxide levels
  • Nutrient absorption and uptake by muscles while limiting absorption by fatty cells
  • Aids in Insulin secretion and sensitivity
  • Stabilize blood glucose levels and spikes
  • Helps with digestion and GI function
  • Regulates good and bad cholesterol levels


Our goal was simple, to create a truly innovative glucose disposal agent that helps the body to breakdown and absorb nutrients more efficiently, enhance blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles and stimulate the sensitivity and bodies secretion and response to insulin to increase nutrient absorption by muscles and limit the storage of fat; ultimately leading to better nutrient utilization, performance and recovery. 

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