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Elevate your workout game with "CARBON" by DNA Sports – the ultimate intra-workout carb drink meticulously crafted to fuel your exercise regimen and maximise your performance. Engineered with a powerful blend of Cluster Dextrin®, Palatinose®, and GlycerSize®, this performance carbohydrate is designed to be the epitome of workout fuel, providing sustained energy and enhancing endurance like never before.

Unleash Your Potential with CARBON:

  • Intra-Workout Powerhouse: CARBON isn't just any carb drink; it's your secret weapon for intra-workout support. Say goodbye to mid-workout fatigue and hello to sustained energy levels that push you through the toughest sessions.

  • Optimal Performance Carbohydrates: Featuring Cluster Dextrin, Palatinose, and GlycerSize, this cutting-edge formula delivers a synergistic blend of carbohydrates that sustain energy levels, promote glycogen replenishment, and support muscle endurance during your workouts.

  • Fuel for Maximum Output: Experience a surge in performance as CARBON primes your body with the ideal mix of carbohydrates, ensuring you have the energy needed to push your limits and achieve peak performance.

Key Features of CARBON:

  • Cluster Dextrin®: A highly soluble and easy-to-digest carbohydrate that provides a sustained release of energy, supporting endurance and minimising gastrointestinal distress during intense workouts.

  • Palatinose®: Known for its ability to offer a steady and prolonged energy supply, Palatinose keeps you fuelled for the long haul, optimising performance without spikes and crashes.

  • GlycerSize®: Enhance hydration and nutrient uptake with GlycerSize®, which supports cell volumisation and pumps, aiding in improved performance and recovery.

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