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Introducing "B!tch Please" by DNA Sports - a revolutionary female hormone support supplement designed to empower women and enhance overall well-being. This unique formula incorporates a blend of key ingredients to specifically address various aspects of women's health, supporting PMS relief, libido, skin and nail health, and mood regulation.

Empower Your Wellness with "B!tch Please":

  • PMS Support: "B!tch Please" aims to alleviate PMS symptoms, offering relief from discomfort and mood swings often associated with the menstrual cycle, promoting a more balanced and comfortable experience.

  • Libido Enhancement: Enhance libido and sexual wellness with this supplement, promoting increased vitality and sexual health for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

  • Skin and Nail Health: Experience improved skin texture and nail strength with the blend of specialised ingredients designed to support your body's natural beauty from within.

  • Mood Regulation: Support a positive mood and emotional balance with this unique formulation, aiding in managing stress and promoting a sense of overall well-being.

Key Ingredients in "B!tch Please":

  • SHODEN®: Known for its adaptogenic properties, SHODEN® contributes to stress relief and emotional well-being.

  • PALMITOYETHANOLAMIDE (MICRONISED): This compound may aid in managing discomfort and promoting overall wellness.

  • BLACK MACA 10:1: Black Maca is known to support hormonal balance, energy levels, and sexual health.

  • MAGNESIUM BISGLYCINATE: Magnesium is crucial for numerous bodily functions, including mood regulation and stress management.

  • CALCIUM PHOSPHATE: This compound plays a role in maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and nail health.

  • RHODIOLA ROSEA 5:1: Rhodiola Rosea supports stress management and mood regulation, contributing to overall emotional well-being.

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