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Your Comprehensive Circulatory Health Solution.

Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and blood pressure is crucial for overall well-being. That's why Circulatory Complete is specially formulated with research backed ingredients to support your heart and circulation.

Here's how it works:

  1. Beta Vulgaris: By converting nitrates into nitric oxide, Beta Vulgaris protects your blood vessel endothelium and enhances blood flow. It's also linked to potential improvements in arterial hypertension and LDL cholesterol levels.

  2. Citrus Bergamot: Packed with flavonoids, this ingredient has been shown to provide antioxidant benefits with anti-inflammatory properties whilst promoting management of cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  3. Lycopene: Known for its role in managing hypertension and maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Lycopene acts as an analgesic and has been shown to lower lipids, preventing platelet aggregation and promote healthy heart function.

  4. Ubiquinone: Defending your cells against oxidative damage, Ubiquinone supports cellular energy production and mitochondrial health. It also prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, a key factor in heart health.

  5. Curcumin: Rich in polyphenols, Curcumin offers cardio-protective effects by reducing LDL cholesterol levels and promoting cholesterol clearance. It also prevents ectopic fat deposition, aiding in blood pressure regulation.

  6. Magnafolate®: This patented form of folate is a biologically active folate molecule, boosting red blood cell production whilst being highly bioavailable to your body. Magnafolate has been shown to lower homocysteine levels, an amino acid if elevated long-term has shown to increase cardiovascular disease and stroke risk.

With Circulatory Complete, you get a holistic approach to circulatory health support, keeping your heart strong and your blood pressure in check.

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