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Flavour: Custard Cream
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AGF (active growth formula) is a scientifically specific, superior formula of undenatured timed release Proteins.

AGF is designed to promote a significant increase in muscle mass and plays a major role in muscle maintenance. This innovative formula is high in all essential amino acids with added revolutionary fermented BCAA’s. This groundbreaking formula also delivers a rich collection of fibre which can be used in the promotion of gut health.

Cold Processed Micellar Casein:
Cold Proceed Micellar Casein provides a sustained release of amino acids, ideal for the manufacture and repair of muscle tissue. This makes the Cold Processed Micellar Casein in AGF the perfect muscle building protein.

Undenatured Cold Processed Whey Protein:
Only AGF incorporates true Undenatured Cold Processed Whey Protein.  Only a truly undenatured whey protein provides high volumes of protein fractions including Lactoferrin, Glycomacropeptide and Immunoglobulins.

Cross Flow Micro Filtered Whey Protein Isolate:
Cross Flow Micro Filtered Whey Protein Isolate is one of the fastest acting proteins, making it the one of the most advantageous for triggering muscle growth. The cross flow micro filtered whey protein isolate used in AGF is of the highest biological value and extremely high in BCAA.

Hydrolysed Egg White Protein:
Hydrolysed Egg White Protein is fast digesting, low in fats and carbohydrates. It has one of the highest biological values of any protein and correspondingly causes a high muscle building response.

A protein rich Whole Algae delivering a complete protein containing all essential amino acids and a unique set of functional and nutritional benefits. Algavia contains a rich collection of fibre which can be used in the promotion of gut health, the healthier the gut the better protein absorption. Algavia also contains healthy lipids and an abundance of micro nutrients and is free of all known allergens.

Fermented BCAA’s:
Standard BCAA’s are manufactured using a very harsh chemical and heat extraction process. The significantly more expensive process of Fermentation uses no harsh chemicals or high heat. Superior Fermented BCAA’s are plant based and boost Unrivalled AGF to over 3g of Leucine per serving.

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United Kingdom

Great product

Struggled to get this AGF on the Unrivalled website and came across this company .... they only had mint flavour left but all good as I've had that flavour before..... great communication and rapid delivery .

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good for protein ice-cream

This is good for making fluffy protein ice-cream. I use 100g crushed ice, 150g Tesco unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop of this and a pinch on xanthan gum. Not artificial or overly sweet. Really light on the chocolate flavour(I add orange, lemon, raspberry etc. extracts and you can't tell it's chocolate). Slightly weird tasting by itself. Wouldn't repurchase this specific flavour but I'd be willing to try others. I can understand others' opinion that it's not the best for oats.

Scott D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

AGF Protein

Custard cream like a vanilla ice cream, doesn’t mix well in oats imo, quite a thick blend

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Very thick - decent taste!

I presume it has a high casein protein content within the blend as it very thick even when using more water! Slightly disappointing as it doesn't work very well for things protein sludge and mixing with yogurt! Though it does go very well in oats! Carrot cake flavour is nice and you got all the tastes you would expect! However, I would say the per4m flavoring is better so I would go back to Per4m next time for carrot cake! Not a fan of the thicker casein consistency stuff so I wouldnt go back, particularly when they only come in larger tubs!