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Re-Vitalise – 25 servings

We made re-vitalise to come up with a problem in the supplement industry where the majority of health/vitamin powders taste awful and don’t offer much more than just vitamins and minerals.

We gave this product –

  • Great taste
  • Addition of added ingredients
  • Cognitive support
  • Organ Support
  • Hydration Support

Take a scoop in the morning and you will feel tonnes better and also know you’ve got your vitamins in for the day.

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Pineapple Mango, Strawberry Kiwi

16 reviews for Re-Vitalise

  1. karlbroomhead (verified owner)

    Mixes really easily and tastes great

  2. pselby2012 (verified owner)

    Wow I normally struggle to take capsules so this is like a god send. Top quality product with a lovely flavour I would recommend this to anyone. Keep up the great work 👍

  3. richardevans1995 (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. Sets a new bar in the market. Mixes well alone or in with something else e.g. a greens product. Flavour is Wicked too

  4. adam_davies98 (verified owner)

    First ever multivitamin and mineral product i have tried and im on my second tub. Mixes so fast, no gritty taste for me and the taste is remarkable. I take it as soon as I get up for work and i feel better

  5. Dan Cox (verified owner)

    Tastes incredible, mixes great & the panel is excellent – too early to gauge effectiveness

  6. amy goble (verified owner)

    great product great taste .. perfect way start day ..

  7. Kie Green (verified owner)

    Taste is insane! feel a certain lift in mood after taking, great stuff

  8. Dan Cox (verified owner)

    Banging flavor, feel focused and switched on when i take this in the morning. Cant wait for the new flavor – will certainly re purchase.

  9. amy goble (verified owner)

    fantastic product just got better .. new flavours banging ..

  10. Alejandro Carretero

    Great flavour, good mix well dosed!

  11. richardevans1995 (verified owner)

    New flavour is just as good as the original👍🏼

  12. stefiano12 (verified owner)

    Flavours both spot on👌🏽
    Nice selection of vits and adaptogens very nice product

  13. monster01 (verified owner)

    Take it first thing in the morning, gives me a little bit of energy boost and enhances my mood.

  14. Krishan Bilimoria (verified owner)

    Honestly one of the best supplements I have tried. All round fantastically dosed vitamins, and minerals and love the additions of l-theanine and rhodiola. Not to mention that the Strawberry and Kiwi flavour is insanely addictive and makes it so easy to drink! Can’t wait for the bigger 60 serving size tubs!

  15. jonathan tsun (verified owner)

    strawberry kiwi is the best. so addicted to this stuff, would drink even if it didn’t have vitmains in it.

  16. shaunneil89 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. Fantastically dosed vitamins. Both flavours great. Ticks every box.

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