Alpha EAA is an efficaciously dosed essential amino acid formula that is unlike any other amino acid product out on the market today. Not only does Alpha EAA include a full-spectrum EAA matrix featuring 8.2 g of EAA’s and 6 g of fermented BCAA’s but we added a focus and hydration complex as well. It’s this focus matrix that really puts this product over the top and differentiates it from any amino based supplement available. Our focus matrix is comprised of a combination of the world’s most popular adaptogen, Ashwagandha KSM-66 and three of the most effective nootropics around, Alpha-GPC, VitaCholine and Huperzine A. To round out this novel formula and enhance it even more, we included taurine and CocoPure to support hydration and AstraGin to increase amino uptake and absorption.Alpha EAA is designed to promote all day focus, recovery and hydration. Alpha EAA supports improved brain function, mental acuity and memory, balances cortisol levels, enhances power output and muscular contractions. So if you’re looking for a non-stimulant source of energy, superior hydration and recovery Alpha EAA is the perfect addition to everyone’s supplement regimen.

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Cherry Limeade, DragonFruit Candy, Grape Berry Crush, New York Punch, Strawberry Lemon

5 reviews for Alpha EAA

  1. Elliot Dedman (verified owner)

    Great taste

  2. richardevans1995 (verified owner)

    One of my favourite EAA intras. Simple and highly effective for recovery and hydration. Highly recommend. Great value for money as always

  3. George (verified owner)

    Great panel and Dragonfruit candy is very refreshing.

  4. stefiano12 (verified owner)

    New York punch flavour is amazing! Like the added focus from these eaa very nice product.

  5. adam_davies98 (verified owner)

    Outstanding product, i have dragon candy and its amazing, the hydration is on point and the focus aspect is for me good, not like a stand alone nootropic product but i definitely feel more focused on what im doing at that time

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Black Lightning, Cherry Burst, Tropic Thunder, Watermelon Lemonade


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