TbJP - Pump 2.0

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Flavour: Lemon Sherbet
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Much like its brother, JPre Stim, JPre Pump has been upgraded to the 2.0 version!!
We have now added yet another patented raw in the form of Rednite.
We are obsessed with staying ahead of the pack and making sure we bring you the best products constantly…we won’t ever settle! As the supplement world advances we will push to stay at the top of the game, because that is what you deserve.
We are so excited to bring you the best pump agent on the market. We can safely call this one The GOAT of Pumps (greatest of all time). Combine this with JPre Stim or Dial-in, depending on if you like crazy stimulants or more of a controlled focus.

30 Servings

6000mg l citrulline 5000mg glycersize 3000mg betaine 1500mg nitrosigine 250mg l norvaline 200mg rednite 10mg bioperine

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, halal , kosher

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