Strong Multivitamin

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A New Approach to Multi-Vitamins

The Bare Performance Nutrition team takes their health, training and nutrition very serious and this multi-vitamin was designed to meet their mission statement - Improve the modern day athlete, adventurer and warrior. The Strong Multi-Vitamin is part of the Bare Performance Nutrition "Strong" series which focuses primarily on improving your health and wellness, while filling gaps in your diet and day-to-day life.

We hand selected these essential vitamins and minerals, sourced from high quality ingredients suppliers, so you can benefit from them each and every day you take it. Not only does this multi-vitamin contain your daily essential vitamins and minerals but also the studied dosage of Bacognize® Bacopa Monnieri which is known to promote cognitive function. Bacopa is commonly used as an adaptogen supporting cognitive health, memory, focus, attention, mood, emotional health, and stress.

Strong Multi-Vitamin was formulated to optimize your body by fueling it with its required vitamins and minerals and also optimizing your mind with key ingredients such as Bacognize®. Feel the difference. Feel Strong.

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