RPG - Glucose Disposal Agent

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When you eat carbohydrates, your body releases insulin, the powerful anabolic hormone that acts as a “storage hormone”- which can either work for you or against you. As anabolic as insulin is, it can also promote the storage of excess carbs as fat. Despite the popular low-carb diet fads, the truth is that if you want to work out effectively and build muscle, or yes, burn fat, you need quality carbohydrates in your diet.

A supplement that could control what happens to the carbs you eat would be an instant “cornerstone” product – well RPG by Redcon1 is your new “must-use “supplement! RPG is a glucose portioning agent that will insure that the insulin released by your body when you eat a high carb meal does saturate the muscle (or fat) cells to quickly. In effect, RPG slows down the process and puts your body in an anabolic state by using those carbs for energy needs, recovery and ultimately, muscle growth!

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