QuickGrip - Powdered Chalk 50g-300g

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Size: 200g
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About The Quick Grip Sports Chalk:
Do you struggle with your GRIP? That’s why at Quick Grip we decided to source a premium grade “Light Magnesium Carbonate”. Our Sports Chalk has been tested by professional athletes from a variety of different sports. Their feedback was critical in determining the product we have today!

Scientific Demonstration:
It can be used in all of your training sessions to eliminate sweat and improve grip. A strong and reliable grip will not only enhance performance, but also give you the added confidence you need in your sport. Scientific studies have demonstrated that (Light Magnesium Carbonate) which is the premium grade that we use, significantly improves gripping power and endurance in comparison to regular cheap chalk brands. This is because it contains 3 water molecules compared to only 2 in regular chalk, resulting in more sweat being absorbed.

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