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WiseGuy® was formulated to promote short and long-term brain health. We have combined proven premium ingredients to provide brain power, boost cognitive function, prevent memory loss and mental decline and lastly improving cerebral blood flow.

WiseGuy® contains key Adaptogens to help control stress and anxiety therefore offering cortisol management. Controlling cortisol levels is very important as high cortisol can increase your risk of severe health conditions including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Elevated cortisol levels can cause issues including irritability, depression, weight gain and other undesired effects.

Lastly WiseGuy® has been formulated to create a calming effect to help you relax of an evening or before going to sleep. WiseGuy® contains Magnesium L-Threonate this type of Magnesium has the unique ability to boost the brain levels of magnesium, this is due to its ability to cross the blood brain barrier. Magnesium L-Threonate has been shown in studies to help improve anxiety and sleep disorders. Combining Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Zinc will promote calm sleep.

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Thomas P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Very good as what it claims to do

I have been using this to wind down at night with success. By chance, I mixed this with Foresights Re-vitalise and had one of the best nights sleep i've had in a good while. Not sure if this is the added B6 that the re-vitaise brings to the table but they work very well together

Tommy H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Boosts recovery 100%

I bought this as a sleep aid/to help with recovery. It has absolutely helped with recovery! My only critique is (and this is a very personal opinion) it feels more nootropic than de-stress/relax. I find that it switches me on mentally - which is not a bad thing just not what I had intended to use it for. Therefore I use it now post workout earlier in the day and enjoy the effects. Down one star just for taste - cutty soda is sickly sweet and doesn't mask very well the very earthy taste of the ingredients.

ray r.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Sleep review

Amazing sleep and recovery from bjj training the night before no Dom’s and woke up fresh

Ryan S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Naughty boy lifestyle wise guy cutty soda

Really love this product flavour is amazing and really does what it says. Helps with my sleep and also my stress level and anxiety levels are much better. Would 100% recommend this product