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With a stronger thermogenic and stimulant effect, you can expect superior results to its predecessor. Rather than a divided formulation between fat burner and pre workout, Hybrid Black offers a comprehensive and extensive formula that declares war on fat whilst offering a superior pre-training experience.

Using both existing proven ingredients as well as market-leading, cutting edge compounds. This product is not for beginners or for people sensitive to stimulants, this product is only for the hardcore athlete looking to take both their workouts and fat burning to the absolute extreme.

For a long time, companies have made pre workouts that deliver great workouts but offer little fat burning. Or pre-training fat burners but offer little focus and energy compared to the label claims. They often bring out ‘extreme’ versions that are just a slightly higher dosage of caffeine with cheaper overall ingredients. Knowing that the majority of people are looking for something similar to that ECA stack pre-2006, Hybrid Black Edition is the solution

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