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Freak Show is a glucose disposal agent by Rich Piana's 5% Nutrition. A GDA's primary function is to decrease the amount of insulin secreted by the body when consuming carbohydrate-rich meals. They in a way act as insulin and shuttle glucose into muscle cells and therefore less insulin is needed to be released by the body.

Although insulin is very beneficial for carrying glucose to muscle cells, on the downside it is also responsible for moving glucose into fat cells. Hence why insulin is often given such a bad name.

By decreasing the amount of insulin secreted by the body, it will in turn help optimize insulin receptors and aid in decreasing fat gains. The Glucose Disposal Agent can then be responsible for shuttling glucose into muscle and stay away from fat cells. Thus leading to decreased fat gain and increased lean muscle gain.

A good quality GDA will allow you to eat more carbs to help promote lean muscle gain and aid performance and limit the amount of these carbs being eventually stored as body fat.

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