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Laxogenin - is a plant-based anabolic with adaptogenic properties that may increase strength and muscle mass, increase protein synthesis by 200% to support lean muscle growth, reduce pain, and improve overall sports performance and recovery.  It is also shown to possess anabolic activity without the side effects of liver toxicity or hormone suppression. It may also regulate protein turnover and promotes a positive nitrogen balance.

Epicatechin works by reducing the amount of myostatin, therefore facilitating more muscle growth through increased follistatin. It basically improves your capacity to build more muscle. In addition, one study resulted in increases in nitric oxide and endurance that persisted even in the absence of exercise. In other words, epicatechin supplementation offers bodybuilders the potential for better muscle pumps and endurance even when they are not training.

BoronDietary mineral that has been shown to reduce estrogen levels as well as reduce Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), thereby increasing free testosterone levels.

MacaMaca root is a plant used for sexual health and enhancement. It also May Increase libido, assist fertility and enhance mood. It can Improve memory and increase overall cognition. Maca can also benefit overall endurance and decrease lactate levels and can also reduce fatigue by increasing mitochondrial efficiency.


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