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Increasing blood flow is an integral part of any serious weightlifter’s regimen. Benefits include: increased nutrient delivery, improved waste product removal, and swelling of the muscle, which leads to satellite cell recruitment and muscle growth.

To achieve optimal levels of vascularity and muscle fullness, you need the right formula. Which is why Performax Labs is proud to present VasoMaxTM, this next generation pump powder will give you perfect pumps every time. VasoMaxTM brings together the best vasodilatory ingredients, such as VASO6, S7 and Sceletium tortuosum – all of which are clinically researched and presented at efficacious doses.

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2 reviews for VasoMax

  1. Jack Leach (verified owner)

    I rate this product highly. Simple and effective panel. Tastes great despite the chalkiness the gylcersize creates. Sometimes I mix it with Reign Razzle Berry for an added kick and it tastes like a sherbet fountain.

  2. Reece Robinson

    Got this in last months mystery box and can say it’s a awesome pump pre! Quick delivery too!

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