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UTOPIA is a blend of smart nootropic ingredients to help your productivity, training, and focus. Rise above in the gym, at your desk, or with your team.*


UTOPIA contains nootropic ingredients that improve focus, brain power, and deliver a sustained energy boost so you can power through the task ahead.* No jitters and no crash, just the calm focus you need to finish the job.


No – Utopia is a brain supplement, not a drug. But it works so well that a lot of people can’t tell the difference.


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Blue Raspberry, Peach Mango, Pineapple Coconut, Strawberry kiwi, Tropical Fruit

18 reviews for Utopia – 30 servs

  1. Ashley

    I use Utopia daily. Whether I need to focus for a heavy squat session, am headed to class, or just want a boost in my mood and mental energy, Utopia has my back. De Novo really nailed the new formula, and the new Blue Raspberry flavour is easily my favourite. It mixes well, too, which is always a plus. My go-to used to be energy drinks, but not anymore!

  2. cloudy.kidd (verified owner)

    Review for Utopia – 30 servs

  3. lee_wyatt (verified owner)

    Effects of this product are quite amazing; you feel engulfed in what you set your mind to, literally you do in a sense lose your peripheral vision and gain this tunnel like vision. Strawberry kiwi and peach mango are incredible flavours that I’d recommend. Yet to try other flavours as of yet!

  4. chrisroadknight (verified owner)

    Excellent product for when you just need that extra focus in or out of the gym

  5. jj.ng.15 (verified owner)

    Amazing no-nonsense product. 5 ingredients that get the job done. The effects are honestly unparalleled. When I’ve taken Utopia to work, I’ve honestly felt so wired and engrossed in what I’m doing. I usually can’t sustain studying for more than an hour at a go and when I take Utopia I feel like I go for 3-4 hours easy. I genuinely feel sharper in my thoughts and feel like I’m generally more decisive and tend to not procrastinate. However, I have to say that I tend to not take it daily as repeated use (more than 3 days in a row) seems to give me a bit of a headache. It seems to also give some people gastric discomfort as some of my friends who also take it seem to have reported. I have spoken to De Novo about it and they mentioned that it could possibly be the L-Dopa. Not an issue for me.

    Taste wise, I have had Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Kiwi and I cycle between the two. They are both amazing and something I could see myself drinking all day every day if possible. The flavour is just that good. It’s not just a simple sweet fruity flavour but honestly it has enough depth to the taste that I really like. Hoping to try peach mango and pineapple coconut at some point

  6. lewisyoungfit (verified owner)

    Wow! Strawberry kiwi, what a flavour!! Utopia is ridiculous. The focus, absolutely thee best nootropic out there. De novo have absolutely nailed it! There is no nonsense with utopia

  7. jack.halder (verified owner)

    By far the best cognitive enhancer I’ve ever tried, from mixability to flavour, blue raspberry is delicious. The focus and tunnel vision when either working on training is on point, 100% of the time.

  8. William (verified owner)

    Perfect cognitive enhancer. Good on it’s own or stacked with another pre product. 10/10

  9. mitch.tommo (verified owner)

    Peach mango great flavour, I didn’t actually use this for working out and used it in the morning prior to going to work for the pure focus.

  10. rowanboc (verified owner)

    i got peach mango the flavor is very nice more peachy than magoey kinda tastes like a peach ice tea, i tried the products 2x before writing this review and i can say that the focus is not what i expected, it does not make you have tunnel vision as i previously thought it would, the focus is steady and makes you feel energised and elevated mood it defiantly helps you focus i used it before college on a empty stomach and the focus / elevated mood feeling lasted for at least 2.5/3,5 hrs with a slow and steady drop off that left me feeling normal, it is also good to note that it acted as a appetite suppressant leaving me not feeling hungry when i usually do and allowed to to push my fast around 1hr longer and i didn’t even feel hungry when i first ate

  11. angus_gait

    Very very happy with this product, I love stims but this product got me every focused and gave me energy which I wasn’t expecting! Spoke to the lads at body power about stacking this with Komodo pump, with the focus products In Komodo pump was arguable if there would be to much focus but can confirm it worked very well! would recommend for anyone not wanting stims or just a very good focus pre!

  12. tom_daykin12

    Very good, although it’s only a small tub, you only need a small amount at a time. I often add half a scoop to any other preworkout that I’m using.

  13. UPersonalTraining

    I was lucky enough to attend the Denovo UK launch in London so got to try this early doors. If you take a Nootropic product and expect to go all Limitless then think again. If you are trying to feel different then think again. What thi sproduct does is get your head in the game. It has a slight euphoric feel to it but if you don’t overthink the effects, you really do get to work with some super focus. This mixes well, the flavours are ALL awesome (Strawberry is a personal fave). There is no crash, no dodgy gut. I have found when I take it first thing on an empty stomach I get that ‘hungry sick’ feeling for no more than a minute. It could be just as I am hungry, who knows. This is a top quality, superbly dosed product from a company that is going from strength to strength. Ben is a legend with a chemistry set! 8.5/10

  14. Ronnie (verified owner)

    The focus with this is fantastic, not too heavy on the caffeine and works well for me personally. Really effective in the gym but also works well when wanting to focus on getting work done too. Pineapple coconut tastes great on its own or even stacked with something Lilt Infl8 which has been a fantastic low stim pump and focus combo I’ve been using recently

  15. dolph kd

    best cognitive enhancer out there, you feel energy and focus to do anything, great for work or gym when you really nee put your mind to something.

  16. adambellbph (verified owner)

    Great nootropic , not crazy cracked out , just positive energy , but pricey but cheap usually equals shit

  17. mehrali1998 (verified owner)

    Great Nootropic! Energy and focus are 9/10! Bit pricey but if you’re looking for a good product this is up there. A little disappointed in the flavour, got Peach mango, tastes a little like cough medicine. Other than that great product!

  18. harrylong495 (verified owner)

    Great energy and focus! I use this for work as well sometimes to really zone in. would recommend.

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