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What is UpSorb?

UpSorb is a twice-a-day bioavailability and absorption enhancer formulated to help you get more from your daily supplements and meals.

Do I Really Need a “Bioavailability” Enhancer?

You’ve no doubt heard the saying — “you are what you eat.”

And this is true to a certain extent as the food we eat is broken down by our bodies into individuals nutrients, which are then absorbed and used to build and repair the very cells that our bodies are made of.

But, did you notice that crucial link in the middle between the digestion of food and cellular repair?


So, while you could say “you are what you eat”, it’s more appropriate to say “you are what you absorb.”

In other words, the effect of any nutrient (from whole food or supplement) is directly influenced by how much we absorb (i.e. the bioavailable dose), not necessarily how much we ingest.[1]

You see, we don’t actually absorb 100% of the food (or supplements) we ingest. In fact, the actual amount of nutrients our bodies absorb from food can range between 10% to 90%!



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