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Wazz sports TWISTED.  Brand new hardcore pre-workout now available!

Quite possibly the most mind bending pre-workout you will try, incredibly high stimulant blend designed to make you smash through the hardest sessions. It’s time to take your workout to the extreme. Twisted was formulated with one goal in mind: to be the strongest pre-workout money can buy, and WAZZ SPORTS have killed it with TWISTED.

Clinically dosed to provide everything you need to get #TWISTED

Twisted is not loaded with caffeine like some lightweight pre-workouts, instead it is filled with hardcore stimulants designed to ramp up energy levels like you have never felt before.

Whether you do crossfit, bodybuilding, HIIT, or just want to get #Twisted, Wazz sports has what you need!


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Tasty Bitz

4 reviews for Twisted – 30 servs

  1. Dean Harvey

    Tried this a couple of times (thanks to Insights free samples) but doesn’t touch the best seller if I’m honest. Pump was good, taste was excellent (12/10) but focus was just not on the same level and that is what makes a pre in my eyes. There are countless pump formulas available, but a lack of good cognitive based pre’s.

    Shame because the flavour is easily the best I’ve ever tried.

  2. Ben Allison

    Got this as a sample. Thanks guys by the way! Decent little PWO, it’s not a noticeable one straightaway but it seems to give you a slow and lasting release of energy. No comedown or jitters either. Downside is I didn’t feel focused enough during my workout.

    Tasty blitz was abit sour for me, but if people prefer sour then you’ll love this!

  3. lewisjones216

    Got this as a sample and actually found it very good and had one of the best training sessions I’ve had in a while from it energy was the most noticeable factor from it the pump was ok but the focus wasn’t really there in comparison to other pre’s on this site

  4. tom_daykin12

    I got a sample of this and was extremely pleased with the results. I also think the flavour was one of the best I’d tried.

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