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Tudca –
Benefits – Supports liver function – Decreases elevated liver enzymes – Combats liver cirrhosis – Helps control blood sugar – Helps treat complications from diabetes
TUDCA appears to have beneficial modulation of cells in the liver, promoting regeneration and reducing cell death. May not be relevant in an already healthy liver (due to high regeneration rates already), but essential for anybody with elevated liver enzymes.

Astragin –
Benefits – Increased Nutrient absorption – Improve digestion – Improve well being – Helps Increase Athletic Performance
AstraGin has been proven to promote well-being and overall health. This new natural ingredient is becoming more popular in sports nutrition due to its ability to increase body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Bioperine –
Benefits – Increased Nutrient absorption – Improve metabolism – Improve memory – Boost Immune health – Raised Dopamine and Serotonin
Bioperine benefits include but are not limited to: improved nutrient absorption, reduced inflammation throughout the body, a​ stimulated metabolism with accelerated fat burning​, improved mental health​, faster recovery from hard workouts, a reduced risk of diabetes, better digestive health, and the possibility of fighting multiple types of cancer.


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