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White Walker (limited edition), Cotton Candy, Grape, Rainbow Candy, Sour Gummy Bear, Strawberry kiwi, Strawberry Mango

15 reviews for TOTAL WAR

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Customer service is 1st class i swear my product was shipped before PayPal had finished processing my purchase. It was delivered so quickly the excitement of ordering it had barely worn off. The strawberry mango flavour smells and tastes like strawberry hubba bubba bubbletape i used to have as a kid. Mixes really well and quickly no grit or anything. A little bit of tingles just to let you know its about to go down. A decent consistent supply of energy that powers you through a workout with no crash after or halfway through. The pump is one of the best I’ve ever experienced and will make even the tiniest biceps feel like arnolds classic peaks. Potent and only really use 1/2 to 3/4 of a scoop so the pot really contains about 45-60 servings. one of the best pre workouts I’ve tried.

  2. Jamie

    First time using Total War – absolutely love it – certainly will be a staple for me from here on in.

    Mixes really well, not grainy at all. Taste is also really good ( I got sour gummy bear). The real difference though is the amount of focus and intensity it gives during a session. Energy levels are up and you feel like you can smash your workout; regardless if you’re tired or not.

    Also, the customer service from Insight has been awesome – would highly recommend these guys.

  3. Kane (verified owner)

    Solid pre workout of choice! I had the Strawberry Kiwi flavour, not too strong flavour.

    Energy and mental focus is really good with Total War, tired or not you can smash the weights and have a good pump. No bad crash or anything after like with heavy stim pre workouts.

    Smashing Pre Workout + customer service, they’ve always got you covered!

  4. Gopi.Kullar (verified owner)

    I had sour gummy bear which is alright on taste.

    Very good pre workout.

    Focus 8/10
    Energy 9/10
    Pump 9/10
    Taste 8/10

    Overall 9/10

    Very good pre workout

    I double scoop with approx 200ml of water

  5. Sean Kerr (verified owner)

    This for me is when you need that crazy level of energy to push through a workout. If you are looking for a product that delivers a big buzz especially for a sick leg day then this is worth a try. Next level customer service from the insights team as there was a minor issue with my order but they jumped all over it and sorted it for me. I will never buy my products from anywhere else…that’s how good these guys are.

  6. Jack (verified owner)

    This for me is the best pre workout I have tried (a limited range but destroys the likes of Bulk Powders and My Protein).

    I went for Strawberry Mango, the taste is very good, sharp but sweet and the mixability is great.

    The focus is great and there was no noticeable crash.

    Overall a first class product and first class service.

  7. jordan1097

    My favourite pre-workout by far. (Tried MVPre, kraken) clean energy, great pumps & focus and in my
    Opinion one of the best tasting (sour gummy bear). The one pre-workout I always end up coming back to after trying others.

  8. jakeburt88 (verified owner)

    So far so good. I have started with just over half a scoop and had good energy and focus with no crash or anxiety.

    The sour gummy flavour is nice too.

    Great service from Insight, even had a free sample of another Pre-workout, nice touch!

  9. rory slattery (verified owner)

    Great product when paired with no noise next level pumps.

  10. blairconacher97 (verified owner)

    Great overall pre workout, excellent sustained energy levels throughout. Would definitely purchase this supplement again!

  11. jcondley

    Still my absolute favourite pre-workout. From mixability to flavour, it’s a full 5 stars. Pair with Big Noise for an insane workout.

  12. tom_daykin12 (verified owner)

    Great preworkout. This has been one of my favourites over the past few years and I’ve bought it multiple times. I love the sour gummy flavour.

  13. Josh boyle (verified owner)

    Great pre workout(white walker) just like white monster great stim and set me right up for my workout. Thanks

  14. Mr Pirapong Graves (verified owner)

    Saw the white walker so had to have it! first time ordering from Insight, came next day, easy service. Love they use DPD, makes it easier for me when im not in. Also got a free sample of innovapharms eaa formula, which I appreciated. White Walker Flavour is now my favourite! its like a white monster ultra / flat lilt kind of taste. Will defo order again in the future.

  15. Joshua Saunders (verified owner)

    Got the Strawberry and Kiwi flavour, taste is a bit sour for my liking but definitely gives me the boost I need. Take every other day to take a break from the caffeine and I get the tingles every time from 1 scoop.

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