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Like our Founding Fathers in 1776, we were fed up with the status quo of underdosed pre-workouts. So we created Freedom Juice—the most revolutionary pre-workout on the planet.
Loaded with our insanely powerful SuperHuman Supreme formula, Freedom Juice gives you so much power you’ll feel like the f****** president! (but with way more gains!)

Freedom Juice gives you the freedom to break free from monotonous workouts with zero results. The freedom to bust through frustrating plateaus. The freedom to experience the pre-workout you’ve always deserved.
Because in the land of the Pre, Freedom Juice is home of the gains.
Get ready to crush every minute in the gym as you harness the unmatched focus of a majestic bald eagle soaring freely over the expansive Rocky Mountains…

Feel the explosive workout intensity that’ll blow up your muscles like massive fireworks in the night sky…
All in two dangerously delicious flavors: Patriotic Pineapple and Lincoln’s Limeade.
And like our Founding Fathers before it, Freedom Juice will only be here for a limited time—but its legacy will be remembered forever.

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FreedomJ – Limeade, FreedomJ – Pineapple, Unicorn Juice

1 review for Superhuman Supreme

  1. animalpak1

    I am a veteran of pre workouts, stim, stim junkie, non stim… Tried them all. I have a good selection of around 10 on rotation & can say, due to tolerance (or adrenal fatigue), only on occasion do they give me a big kick. Been using this one for a week & 5 sessions in, extremely impressed. Taste (lime) is very good. It doesnt give you a rush, but a couple of sets in, you notice you are laser focused, you’re pushing sets further & as someone who doesnt like shouting, grunting & making a scene, im actually growling on my last reps. Recovery between sets is great & you can just go on & on. For me, zero crash (although I take a high strength vitB with it). Cant comment on pumps, as I stack with infl8, so my pumps are ridiculous anyway. Only downside, is that for me personally, it makes me sweat like no other. If the effects carry through the whole tub, may well become my fav of all time.

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