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Capsules, Cherry (Insight Collab), Lemon & Lime, Mango Nectar, Pineapple

25 reviews for SupportMax Neuro

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    Doesnt taste particulary nice but with whats in it thats expected but combined with thr 5htp best nights sleep in ages and feel more relaxed and a better mood

  2. blairconacher97 (verified owner)

    Great product for aiding with sleeping and just general relaxation. Also find the taste quite refreshing so overall a great product.

  3. bilwright (verified owner)

    Been using this product post workout, amazing at getting your heart rate back to a resting rate within no time, even when having full servings of 400/500mg of caffeine it still works great and completely relaxes you!

  4. randyandy8 (verified owner)

    Use it to give me ab energy boost in the afternoon without caffeine and works great, also use to relax before bed! Flavour is good but personally preferred the tropical flavour

  5. lee_wyatt (verified owner)

    This product definitely is noticeable post workout taking on an empty stomach. Mood (cognitive function) is increased once again just as it were pre workout and stress levels are decreased to help relax and feel good. Flavour isn’t to bad either. Mixability isn’t greatest but if you keep stirring/shaking away then eventually ingredients do dissolve well. Overall a product that i will have as a staple in my supplements

  6. (verified owner)

    Sleep quality improved, general mood improved and it tastes great. I have it as a hot drink before bed so mixes/dissolved absolutely fine

  7. Jose Duarte (verified owner)

    it works very good, i take this pm before i go sleep and notice after a few days better sleeping, better mood on wake up, i get up every day 4:30am and them go gym and them work, with a small baby nights of sleep are not always great this have being helping me to cover that bad days.

  8. djpikey2 (verified owner)

    Was skeptical of this product before trying it. Bought it to help me sleep but doesn’t really have that effect for me. It does relax me when things get heated though. Saw a massive difference when needing to calm myself. Would buy again for this reason alone but prefer Kodiak’s Coma as a sleep-aid.

  9. jt_morsy (verified owner)

    Great product. Perfect to be taken in the morning or evening, i personally take 1 scoop after training and 1 scoop before bed.

  10. Calum W (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed taking this product as I do find it helps keep my stress levels lower and it brings me down if I train in the evening on a high stim pre. Mango flavour is actually very nice and I have purchased the new lime flavour the other day.

  11. machine89 (verified owner)

    Mixability isn’t fantastic but the taste is quite refreshing. Taking in conjunction with supplement needs sleep stack and definately haveing great nights sleep!

  12. Jacklam (verified owner)

    Improved ability to wind down post late night training. I also found very good for extra focus if taken with a coffee during the day.

  13. nbol (verified owner)

    I have started using this with dr Dean’s sleep stack and been having a great nights sleep …
    I like the taste but it doesn’t mix well so I take straight from the scoop and drink a glass of water ..
    Will be stocking up and making it a regular supp on the list.. 4 stars would be 5 but for the mixing

  14. tikke raman (verified owner)

    Good nights sleep and wake up refreshed

  15. bexybexxo (verified owner)

    As others have said this doesn’t mix too well but the Mango flavour isn’t too bad. Tend to dry scoop it with a water chaser lol Find it stacks really well with Dr Deans sleep stack

  16. tikke raman (verified owner)

    Gives that calming feeling before bed then you wake up feeling like your unstoppable!

  17. Ben Allison (verified owner)

    So before I was just taking 600mg of Olimp ashwagandha 30 minutes before bed. And it didn’t do much at all. But I started taking 1 serving of this 30-45 minutes before bed and you feel it instantly (if you allowed your last meal to digest abit before taking it). It gives you the slightly heavy eyes and you start to yawn. I always had trouble falling asleep, but this makes it a doddle (Yorkie term, for easy).

    The guys at Strom are supplement innovators! Rich hates compliments so no doubt he’ll cringe at that haha!

    Mango flavour is tasty as! 400ml water is just right 🙂


  18. dolph kd

    best supplement I’ve ever taken, great help after r tough gym session when feeling fatigued, also great when taken before bed, get a much better sleep and wake up full of energy.

  19. mikeybrouwer (verified owner)

    Only used pre-bed about 90 mins after my last meal and 30 mins before sleep, eyes get heavy, feel calmer and my sleep score (along with use of HTP) went from mid 70’s to high 80’s (FitBit). Especially useful after any late training to help switch from SNS to PNS more quickly.

  20. pselby2012 (verified owner)

    This product is amazing my sleep has improved and so has my general mood 👍

  21. George (verified owner)

    Use this an hour after workout, helps me to relax and there is a noticeable benefit to its usage. Pineapple tastes good.

  22. Krishan Bilimoria (verified owner)

    Such an underrated product and so versatile. Have been taking for over 2 weeks now and can really tell the difference. Does absolute wonders for stress levels especially when taking post workout. Can use closer to the evening but I actually use straight after my workout in the morning and it just chills you out and for me I actually feel more focused. Will be a staple going forward for sure!

  23. Joe Vizzard (verified owner)

    Got it in pineapple and think it tastes great especially with ice cold water.

    Not bought for the taste though and find this is fantastic before bed. Currently taking without Supplement Needs Sleep Stack but will definitely add in when it comes back in stock.

    Also fantastic with a bit of caffeine for focus early in the day. Superb product

  24. Nicholas Poulter (verified owner)

    This is a game changer supplement. It not as improved my sleep, recovery and stress levels it’s also made life in general more enjoyable! It has helped me manage my stress levels on every area of my life. Such a heat product. I can not recommend this product enough

  25. Adam Marsden

    Top product, would recommend. I have personally only tried the mango flavour. Flavour is nice but shake more than normal to dissolve the formula.
    Definitely helped with mood and sleep. I can really tell the difference when I am not taking it.

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