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  • Precise blend of fast and slow digesting protein sources, to ensure sustained levels of protein synthesis and muscle growth
  • Fully disclosed protein sources with no amino acid spiking
  • Digestive Enzyme Matrix to support optimal digestion, allowing even the most sensitive individuals to consume without any bloating or uncomfortable issues!
  • Available in 5 amazing, delicious and unique flavors

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Mocha Mermaid (Mocha Chocolate), Not My Gumdrop Buttons (Ginger Bread), Smash'n Crunch (Peanut Butter Cups), Toucan Twist (Fruit Loops), Why So Cereal? (Blueberry Pastry)

9 reviews for Superior Protein

  1. James Wilson (verified owner)

    Bought mocha mermaid flavour, easily mixes and tastes great. Will be switching to this brand for the future

  2. hamzamunir96 (verified owner)

    100% recommend I had the not my gumdrop button absolutely nice love it in my oats imo must buy if I love oats and protein

  3. scott14061981 (verified owner)

    Review for Superior Protein

  4. neil.watt34 (verified owner)

    Bought the mocha mermaid which absolutely tastes amazing, mixes great love the little crunchy bits in it as well 100% recommend it đź‘Ť

  5. Calum W (verified owner)

    The flavour I went for was the Why so cereal (Blueberry Pastry) and the initial smells upon opening were most appealing. Strong tones of butter, dough, subtle blueberry and a slight cinnamon/brown sugar vibe also, 10 out of 10 for smell. Taste wise I would say It leans more towards the pastry side than blueberry with a 70/30 ratio. The initial flavour is a buttery sweetness which follows through with a nice subtle hint of blueberry to then have the cinnamon tasting cereal pieces, easy 8 out of 10 for flavour. Profile looks good with the added velositol also. I would 100% buy this again

  6. Jeannie de gray birch

    One of my favourite protein powders now ! My gf got me this for Christmas mocha chocolate chip tastes awesome love the little bits in it

  7. lloydmarchant13 (verified owner)

    Tucan Twist flavour was spot on, great taste and love the little bits

  8. a.frost7785 (verified owner)

    Great protein powder, personally wasn’t a fan of the bits of cereal.

  9. Will (verified owner)

    Smash n crunch flavour didn’t contain any real cereal pieces as advertised. Tasted okay but let down by this as was the only reason I purchased this brand of whey. Emptied the whole tub and nothing settled at the bottom, just pure powder.

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