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Hulk Juice (gummy bear), Kandy Kryptonite (cotton candy), Lemonardo Da Vinci, Orange Gainsicle, Unicorn Juice (rainbow sherbz)

21 reviews for Superhuman – Pre Workout

  1. Josh

    Just tested superhuman for leg day and it was has it of the best I’ve had for focus and serious tunnel vision.everything just feels great.very impressed,great job alpha lion and to insight supps for bringing this to the UK

  2. Pavels Pilacis (verified owner)

    One of the best pre workouts out there for sure . Tastes amazing , you can drink it like a soft drink .Great focus and amazing Pump .
    Overall 9.5/10

  3. Ben Allison

    Fantastic PWO! The high amount of beta alanine gives you that feeling it’s working, and you feel focused on your workout. The pumps from this are brilliant, 9/10. I also wish I could drink this all day, gummy gains is beaut! Probably in the top 3 of best PWO’s insight stack on their site! Alpha lion bring something new and improved to the supplement industry!

  4. ryan_cook1993

    Got a sample with my last order, Godzilla Juice tastes great. Fantastic focus, hit really hard, great workout with it!

  5. tom_daykin12 (verified owner)

    Great pre’. I found that it lasted for a full workout and, whilst being very good, it wasn’t too intense. I bought the Gummy Gains flavour which is nice and got a sample of the Godzilla Juice with my order, so I’m looking forwards to trying that.

  6. RyanrowleyPT

    Taste is insane! Had a great workout whilst using this and the effects wore off nicely rather than leaving you on a low.

  7. Ayan.wright86 (verified owner)

    Great PWO. Needed something that was quite strong as I’m resistant to stims. I know this is working and no crash after. Will be buying again. Great flavour

  8. Steven Lakonitis

    Usually very sceptical about pre workouts like this but got a sample of Godzilla Juice with my Intra EAAs. Gave it a go and was literally blown away. Definitely ordering

  9. MattJ (verified owner)

    very good pre one of the best I’ve tried got it in gummy gains very nice easily drinkable rate the flavour

  10. Drew (verified owner)

    Absolutely great product. Tastes superb and mixes very well. Great panel and really feel the effects. Arrived clumpy but can just put a fork in to break it up again.

  11. tmckee_991

    A brilliant pre workout, I use it in the evenings. Half a scoop with half a scoop of Komodo pump. EPIC!!

  12. machine89 (verified owner)

    Can honestly say the best pre workout i have taken to date. Great focus and energy through out the workout (And after) and no crash. Only used the once but excited to see how this helps my early morning sessions. Went for Juicy fruit and very pleasent in flavour and ultimately easy to drink.

  13. Joshua Saunders (verified owner)

    Great tasting, provided plenty of energy and no crash.

  14. Mitchell Pyle (verified owner)

    Tried this pre-workout a few times now and it is the best i have had by far! the focus is insane and also the non-existent crash after the workout was a bonus!

  15. jaredpotts (verified owner)

    Normally a pre-workout wouldn’t affect me. But this is something else! I don’t know what it is, maybe the blend or doses, but I feel every session is better with this pre! (2 scoops, of course ;))

  16. musclevoodoodurham (verified owner)

    one off the best pre I used and give people in gym a try and all love it. Will be ordering more. keep up the great work alpha lion and great service from insightsupps

  17. dmssingh1982 (verified owner)

    Love this product, one of the best pre’s I’ve tried. Mixes well, nice taste, kicks in after around 10 to 15 minutes. The focus and intensity it brings are immense

  18. mitch.tommo (verified owner)

    I found this pre to be a very good option, I liked the taste also and found it mixed nicely. Didn’t take a long time for me to feel the effects, seemed to hit me a bit quicker than other preworkout’s I have used. Focus and clarity was very apparent to me.

  19. callumdallison (verified owner)

    Been using for a a few months now, can really feel the effect within about 15 minutes, definitely improves my workouts and tastes good, mixes well with unicorn juice as well and tastes even better

  20. callumdallison (verified owner)

    Been using for a a few months now, can really feel the effect within about 15 minutes, definitely improves my workouts and tastes great, mixes well with mango veiniac komodo pump as well and tastes even better

  21. PATRICK DUGGAN (verified owner)

    Wasn’t the biggest fan on this pre. Made me much hotter and almost uncomfortable compared to others I have tried (MVpre, Bzrk, Bring the Chaos), with much less euphoria which I personally really like in my pres. Have enjoyed having half a serving with something more nootropic focused though. Probably still good but just personal preference.

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