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Stim head has been formulated for the Hardcore. If your all about the crazy stim pre’s or simply no longer feel your current pre workout then its time for an upgrade. Packing almost 900mg of stimulants per scoop its not for the faint hearted! Although the main focus is extreme energy we have also included ingredients to aid performance, endurance and focus.


* 100% transparent label.

* Zero proprietary blends and fully disclosed dosages of each active ingredient.

* Decreases muscle fatigue & exercise-induced exhaustion.

* Extreme energy


Beta Alanine –  which plays an important role in the production of Carnosine in the body. Increasing Carnosine levels via Beta Alanine supplementation is shown to support a decrease in fatigue, coupled with an increase in workload and time to exhaustion.

 L-Taurine which has also been shown to help endurance and can also volumize  muscle size by drawing more fluid into the muscle cells.

L-Tyrosine Improves attention, focus & mood it is an amino acid that is a precursor to neurotransmitters, including Dopamine, Noradrenaline and Adrenaline. The benefit of L-Tyrosine will not only give you extra energy to push through a gruelling workout, but it will also help to increase concentration, alertness, and focus.

Tamarindus Indica Extract was included for its ability to manage oxidative stress as well as its ability to move glycogen into the muscles. Along with this glycogen the body stores water with it which helps the muscle look full and engorged.

Stim Head is jam packed with all most 900mg of stimulants per scoop. We strongly recommend starting with half a scoop to access your tolerance!

This is not a pre workout for first time users, this is a product at the very extreme end of the stimulant spectrum and even experienced stimulant users should exercise caution when using this product! Half a scoop is highly recommended for first time use! No billy Big balls double scooping on first use please!

Stim Head may also be stacked with our new pump formula
Pump The Chaos for Extreme energy and pumps

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Blueberry lemonade, Strawberry Watermelon

4 reviews for StimHead – 25 servs

  1. THE DUKE (verified owner)

    Name is spot on with this one. Tastes good, hits hard, what more could you ask for…..

  2. Donnachadh

    This pre is absolutely insane , I’m waiting on Tmcycles to do a review on it 😂. But genuinely tried nearly all pres out there but for me anyway this hit like no other.

  3. dmssingh1982 (verified owner)

    This hits hard, in a good way. I train first thing fasted so this really gets me in the zone

  4. Oliver Welton (verified owner)

    Don’t rate this Preworkout at all. Tried the Blueberry Lemonade and it was almost spicy and the flavour wasn’t very enjoyable. Even after I managed to down it without tasting it… The effects didn’t really do a lot for me. Pretty disappointed with it to be honest as I had heard good things. The effects of this Pre does work as my friend said it was like he was on drugs when using it… but I have been using strong pre’s for years and was disappointed.

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