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AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC), is an advanced choline compound that enhances brain metabolism – unlike other choline sources. AlphaSize A-GPC is considered to be one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world, and is used widely for memory, focus, and brain energy, and also for improving sports performance. Alpha GPC works fast and helps deliver choline to the brain and actually increases the production of acetylcholine along with cell membrane phospholipids. It’s possible the compound may also increase the release of dopamine and calcium.


It is the first and only natural caffeine-free patent-pending botanical ingredient, clinically proven to improve alertness and focus up to 5 hours with and without caffeine. It also Amplifies caffeine benefits without the “crash”. It will block Adenosine and also could release dopamine. It may also increase blood flow.


One of the best benefits of Dynamine for people who are serious about their workouts is that it is believed to increase energy levels. Because it prevents adenosine from binding to its receptors, it prevents fatigue and sleepiness, so those who enjoy fitness can experience a workout without getting tired. Dynamine increases the level of mental alertness that people experience, in addition to increased energy. Dynamine operates like Caffeine, resulting in a sharper brain that’s better able to focus on the task at hand.

They also can experience improved physical performance, since it allows you to push harder while you work and reap more benefits from the exercise that you do. People also experience a boosted mood when they take the supplement, as well. Dynamine is known for inhibiting dopamine reuptake. This sometimes creates a feeling of euphoria in the body, which can leave people feeling happy and content. People who take Dynamine often experience a boosted mood, which can last for hours after the supplement is consumed. One of the worst parts of taking a supplement like caffeine is that the people who take it experience a crash as it wears off. In contrast, Dynamine is not known to cause a crash after the supplement wears off. Dynamine will last for 3 hours in a person’s system, but when it wears off, the person will feel normal–not unnaturally depleted.


The first thing you will notice when you take dicaffeine malate is the initial surge of energy followed by steady energy that will sustain you through your workout. This is due to the bond between the caffeine and malic acid. You WILL not experience jitters, anxiousness, racing heartbeat, or any other ill side effects you might get from regular caffeine. You will also not experience any caffeine crash!

The effects of traditional caffeine may last a couple of hours while the impact from dicaffeine malate may last 6-8 hours. Malic acid plays a role in producing energy from the breakdown of carbs, fats, and proteins. As caffeine wears off, the malic acid takes over to help you avoid the loss of energy.

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17 reviews for Re-Ignite 20 servs

  1. hidden_potential_pt (verified owner)

    Amazing Pre, personally believe this is one of the best Pres ive ever had. Taste 10/10 Mixed 10/10. Had focus, energy and alertness for 2.5 hours with zero drop off or crash. If your gonna get any pre make it this one.

  2. Arron

    Amazing Pre Workout!!

    Definitely up there with the best that I’ve taken, would highly recommended.

  3. chrisworrall26 (verified owner)

    Best pre I’ve had concentration and focus is crazy. Defo up there with the best pres and will be using again !

  4. Toby sharp

    This is the best pre ever made! It gives what feels like never ending energy and pushed me harder then I have ever gone before resulting in a pump so good at midday it’s still going strong from a 5am training session! Awesome awesome awesome

  5. Neal

    Good pre, 7/10 taste, 8/10 endurance, doesn’t make you feel wired, no crash, lasted well.

  6. robbmann30 (verified owner)

    Very good pre workout, I’m very carful about which pre workout I use as I mostly train very early (2am) before I start work at 4am, I’m also a HGV driver so finding a pre with zero crash is very important, this covers that 100%, during the session I’m alert, focused and energised. Taste is unreal I usually stack a pre with a pump but the flavour on this is to good to mix. Great work Forsight.

  7. Jack

    Best pre workout I’ve had. Very impressed

  8. Jonny

    Been using this just over a week and it has already climbed the ladder into my favourite pre workouts. Incredible workout every time I’ve used it!

  9. samuelharland (verified owner)

    Every time I’ve used this I’ve been impressed, the energy is natural you don’t feel like you’re on something but have a big urgency to do something. No crash or sickly feeling post workout like other comparable pre’s. Stacking with a pump will blow you away

  10. adam_davies98

    Bought a sample in tropi candy and JEEEEEZOZ! this is one amazing pre. If you want a good tasting high performance stim this is the one. I will be ordering more!

  11. mitch.tommo (verified owner)

    One of the best preworkouts I have used, taste was really good too. I wasn’t sure what to expect if I am totally honest, with it being their first pre, but I was very impressed and would highly recommend to anyone!

  12. richardevans1995

    Ace pre workout and wicked flavours

  13. jonathan (verified owner)

    Easily joint first for me next to Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme followed very closely by MVPre 2.0. For me this pre is very hard hitting which I like easily gets me in the zone for a big session which lasts and I feel I could quite easily keep going after my session has finished. This for me ticks all the same boxes Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme does but without the occasional post workout jitters I sometimes get from Superhuman Supreme. So I’d say Re-Ignite is a lot “cleaner” in that regard.

    Both flavours taste great I was a bit on the fence about the Tuuti Frutti flavour at first but kept trying it through the shake & take’s and it’s become one of my favourite pre’s to drink. So much so that I hope Foresight Nutrition releases it as a future EAA flavour.

    This is now a staple amongst my pre workouts for sure.

  14. Chris Coates (verified owner)

    My favourite ‘heavy’ pre to use on leg session or heavy back session. Really enjoy the flavour and the buzz this gives me. TropiCandy is very refreshing – quite mango dominant I’d say. Tutti Frutti was way better than I was expecting and I really enjoyed just drinking both flavours.

  15. pselby2012

    Wow what a pre tastes amazing great energy and focus well done guys will be buying again 👍👍

  16. Oliver Welton (verified owner)

    Obviously sceptical as it is their own Pre-workout, but my god… this is on par with the top Pre’s you can buy. I have used MVPre and Superhuman Supreme in the past amongst others, but this is easily up there. I had the TropiCandy flavour and it tasted like a Tropical Pineapple squash, you would be fooled to thinking that it is a preworkout at all! The tingling from the Beta-Alanine kicks in very swiftly on an empty stomach and will power you through even the heaviest of sessions. You won’t regret buying this.

  17. fuller.callum

    Really like this product, I got it as part of Mystery Box which is a concept I love. With 400mg caffeine I initially thought I’d be foaming at the mouth during the session but actually it’s a really nice and sustained feeling. The main thing I noticed was the focus, I felt I had significantly increased amd sustained focus for my session and even beyond it as I experienced zero crash. I would confidently say that this is the best pre I’ve used, it takes you to another level but not in an overwhelming manner. Top stuff lads.

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