Per4m Whey – 2kg

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Banana Milkshake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Donut, Coconut Creme, Double Chocolate, Lemon Cheesecake, Raspberry White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Creme, White Chocolate, Blueberry Muffin, Vanilla Ice Cream

56 reviews for Per4m Whey – 2kg

  1. Aaron Costigan (verified owner)

    Honestly, it’s ridiculous.

    Mix ability is amazing, taste is Bang on, texture feels like a donut. Very very good.

  2. bilwright (verified owner)

    This is by far the best tasting protein I have ever had in my life, I picked up the White Chocolate Raspberry and it tastes like them white chocolate beady sweets you’d get from a pick and mix, imagine this would go very well with COR/Oats!

  3. seanmerry (verified owner)

    just got the double chocolate flavour, mixes well, taste is great and comes in a big tub

  4. obrockley (verified owner)

    One of the best tasting proteins I’ve ever had! Mix’s amazing with oats!

  5. Ben Starkey (verified owner)

    White choc raspberry flavour is unreal.

  6. karlbroomhead (verified owner)

    Great taste and a great price too!

  7. markagray1989 (verified owner)

    Favourite new protein! Got cinnamon donut flavour and it tastes amazing! Super quick delivery too!

  8. s.bancroft8 (verified owner)

    Great price, great taste. Tried both the cinnamon donut and chocolate peanut butter flavour.

  9. bexybexxo (verified owner)

    Awesome price and the white chocolate and raspberry is incredible

  10. Rich Pride (verified owner)

    Best whey I’ve had in ages… mixes well and raspberry white chocolate flavour is unreal

  11. chris mazzey (verified owner)

    Was apprehensive about such a different flavour after years of chocolate protein, absolutely unreal! Protein pancakes taste and texture is like eating a lemon drizzle cake!!

  12. Finn Vellinga (verified owner)

    Blueberry muffin the sweetest I’ve tried and the best, but cinnamon donut is decent just not as sweet and double chocolate gives off quite a milky chocolate taste so overall quite good!

  13. Ciaran Lawton (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding, texture is spot on and white choc and raspberry flavour is the best I’ve ever had – genuinely tastes like a proper milkshake.

    Every day I look forward to drinking it, it’s that good.

  14. wadeholohan (verified owner)

    Flavour: 5/5
    Mixability: 3.5/5
    Value: 5/5
    This protein tastes incredible! (cinnamon donut & salted caramel). I found the salted caramel slightly difficult to mix and had a few lumps left sometimes. This protein is slightly thicker that others I have used but that can be changed by adding a little more water. Overall, very impressed!

  15. Ronnie (verified owner)

    This is a good protein at a great price. Trying this out during the lockdown and it has been one of the best I’ve tried. The taste and mixability are great, and it digests easily. A great option for anyone on a budget or looking to try something new, especially for anyone after a cheaper protein to boost their daily intake

  16. conormac1010 (verified owner)

    I ordered the cinnamon donut flavour it was absolutely amazing and I received such great service when I ordered this product, I would highly recommend it

  17. Tom Brady (verified owner)

    Unbelievable value for an amazing protein. Had both the salted caramel and cinnamon donut now and they are some of the best tasting protein powders I’ve ever used. Mixability in oats, as paste, in cream of rice is perfect. Couldn’t recommend enough.

  18. jonathan (verified owner)

    All I can say is believe the hype and it’s 100% real. Granted I’ve only tried the Cinnamon Doughnut so far but my god this blows every other whey protein I’ve tried out the water. It’s not sickly sweet but if I have a sweet tooth and need a healthier alternative to an actual doughnut then this does it.

  19. Billy Locke (verified owner)

    If, like me, you’ve been a cheapskate and always bought myprotein stuff, buy this instead. This stuff is extremely well-priced and tastes amazing.

  20. Dave Marsh

    When I first saw this – 2kg for 34.99 I thought it was a mistake and ordered a tub quickly. Cinnamon Doughnut being the obvious choice for me as anything with Cinnamon in is a bit of me. All I can say is – WOW. This stuff mixes incredibly well, tastes amazing and for the price, has to be one of the best out there. I doubt I would look at any others whilst this is such a good all round product. Do yourself a favour and just buy some.

  21. Cianan Brangan (verified owner)

    unreal, was a bit shocked at the amount for price but its such a steal, cinnamon donut is exactly how it sounds. digestion is very good also. I have now found my new go to protein, nothing rivals it for price and taste

  22. Dom Bousfield (verified owner)

    Best tasting protein I’ve ever had. Affordable, tastes great, quick delivery – 10/10.

  23. Krishan Bilimoria (verified owner)

    The stellar reviews on this are most definitely warranted. The blueberry muffin flavour tastes incredible and exactly what you would expect. The digestion is also great and for this price the value for money is unbelievable! Will be buying another flavour soon!

  24. Tom Hartley (verified owner)

    Great whey protein for the money, puts the like of myprotein etc to shame. Mixes better with water than milk. I’ll certainly be buying more and trying the different flavours

  25. robwells (verified owner)

    I’ve always used Bulk Powders whey but after getting this I’m never going back!Mixes instantly with no lumps and chocolate flavour is lovely,not sweet or sickly like a lot of products on market.

  26. adam_davies98 (verified owner)

    If anyone’s looking for a protein go no further than this. Iv had raspberry white chocolate which tastes amazing but I’m currently on banana crème and omg its the best tasting protein i have had. It sits really well on my stomach to

  27. Daniel Hows (verified owner)

    I tried lemon cheesecake and it’s just the best. Hands down my favourite protein and I’ve tried most flavoured from myprotein, it tastes slightly vanilla-ry (Guess that’s the cheesecake bit) with a bold hint of lemon, not too sweet either. Mixes very very well and isn’t too thick. Perfect. Definitely looking to try more flavours from this company now!

  28. Daryn Raikes (verified owner)

    I can only vouch for the double chocolate flavour as that’s the only one I’ve tried, but taste wise it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried, especially when mixed with oats! Looking forward to trying the cinnamon doughnut next.

  29. Matt Ratcliffe (verified owner)

    Per4m has gone to the top of some of my all time favourite protein. I’ve gone through cinnamon donut, raspberry white chocolate, blueberry muffin and double chocolate thus far. Raspberry white chocolate is up there in my top 3 flavours that I’ve ever had from any brand and I’ve tried hundreds…it is seriously seriously good. Cinnamon donut is amazing and tastes just as you’d expect it to. All of the flavours are bang on and for the price it’s a no brainer. Salted caramel is next on the list to try.

  30. Thomas Hough (verified owner)

    Top quality for the price, Blueberry muffin flavour 10/10

  31. kieran.daly (verified owner)

    Every flavor is very good, easily the best VFM whey blend out there.

  32. Morgan (verified owner)

    The best tasting powder I’ve ever used!!!!! (And I’m very very VERY fussy when
    It comes to using protein powders)

  33. tomcole92 (verified owner)

    Raspberry white chocolate tastes unbelievable with both milk and water

  34. Charlie Crandle (verified owner)

    This is honestly the best tasting protein I’ve had as I’ve been training for over 10years now 👌 the taste is amazing mixes beautifully

  35. Chris Coates (verified owner)

    Favourite whey I’ve ever had. Tried cinnamon donut and raspberry white choc and both are sublime. I will definitely keep buying and trying different flavours.

  36. jamieflutter (verified owner)

    A friend put me on to this website I Just tried the chocolate and peanut all I can say is amazing !!! and no lumps like other brands. Relay good communication skills on there end thank you for sorting out my order even tho I put the wrong post code. I will be buying again.

  37. Zach Mosse (verified owner)

    Most affordable protein and best flavours!

  38. daniel.salmon187 (verified owner)

    Salted caramel is top tier taste and good price, can’t wait to try more flavours

  39. Riley Long (verified owner)

    Top quality protein, top price, and top taste, nothing more needs to be said

  40. adamgreene1234 (verified owner)

    Jumped on the bandwagon of this whey, and honestly it is great, for the price it’s great, and then flavour, I got the cinnamon doughnut and it’s great, not overly sweet, gives you the sense you just had a doughnut, highly recommended.

  41. jasonhales17 (verified owner)

    Bought a tub after seeing the great reviews
    Price 10/10
    Mix 10/10
    Flavour 3/10

    Got the double chocolate flavour, and it just isn’t for me. Sure it’s a great product, I’d even give a different flavour a go. But the flavour on double chocolate just isn’t right. Money wise I’d go for Sci-text whey over this (flavour only). I’ll be switching back to Dymatize for my whey

  42. Kai Driver (verified owner)

    Excellent Whey. You cannot argue with the price of the product, especially when flavours and mixability have been nailed. So far I’ve had Double Choc, exactly what it says on the tin, great as a shake and lovely in oats. Blueberry Muffin was a risk but again, nailed it. Amazing as a shake, similar to the Blueberry milkshake by Asda. White Chocolate Raspberry was surprisingly spot on as well, sweet but not artificial, great as a shake and mug cake, weak in oats though, as in subtle. Just ordered the Salted Caramel. Cant fault this product at all.

  43. Jack McGhee (verified owner)

    I’ve always struggled to find a protein shake I enjoy/look forward to drinking…until now! The comments and reviews are genuine, this is hands down the best tasting, mix & consistency shake I’ve had!
    White chocolate & raspberry was my choice and it’s tasty! Can’t wait to order my next tub and definitely spoilt for choice with the flavours available!

  44. sam.the.doj97 (verified owner)

    Have tried this protein from a different website (sorry danny) and it wasnt to my taste at all. Tasted very off but the one from insight… WOW. I didnt believe the hype at first when trying from a different business but im very much on the hype with this brand now.

    taste 9/10
    mix ability 9/10
    Oats 10/10
    shake 10/10
    yogurt 11/10 – like cheesecake

  45. DOMINIC SHERIFF (verified owner)

    Best bang for you buck there is. Decent macros and flavours are nearly unbeatable. Banana is basically MCDs shake. Salted Carmel and cinnamon are ridiculous too. Mixes well and thickens up for a nice shake. Highly recommend.

  46. shaunneil89 (verified owner)

    One of the best tasting whey’s I have ever used. Blueberry muffin and Cinnamon donut both live up to the hype! Cinnamon donut is like eating raw cake mixture when mixed in with oats.

  47. morganr50 (verified owner)

    Raspberry white chocolate is lovely, nice balance of raspberry but the white chocolate leaves a slight chalky aftertaste. Still nice though

  48. amy goble (verified owner)

    10 out 10 bar far best protein ever had .. tastes great espc white choc raspberriy .. and blends very well no clumps .. highly recommended

  49. Tom Hartley (verified owner)

    Tried three flavours (double chocolate, cinnamon doughnut & chocolate peanut butter) – cinnamon & double choc both great peanut butter I’d list as just okay. Other than Rule 1 this is the best tasting protein I’ve had

  50. klh6784 (verified owner)

    On my 3rd flavour now, I’ve had cinnamon donut and chocolate peanut butter now on Raspberry white chocolate. All 3 have been banging, going to be a long time before I try another protein.

  51. William Bromley-Patchett (verified owner)

    Coconut is immense! Beautifully creamy, satisfies a sweet tooth but not sickly! Tastes like real coconut (so nothing like a bounty bar). Rivals white choc raspberry for my favourite tasting protein! Tastes good with whatever you mix it with. Cheers guys!

  52. kieran.daly (verified owner)

    Fantastic taste and VFM, personally haven’t had even an average flavour, all been outstanding. Stand outs would be white choc raspberry, double choc and cinnamon doughnut.

  53. Adam Yates (verified owner)

    Taste really really good! Mixes very well too, unreal and impressed.

  54. samuelharland (verified owner)

    Have had 3 flavours of this whey. Cinnamon, Chocolate and Salted Caramel, all taste exactly as they say, mixes amazing, texture is nice. No digestion issues.

  55. Tom Beckley (verified owner)

    HANDS DOWN THE BEST TASTING PROTEIN IVE EVER HAD. Currently got 4 different flavours at home since they all taste so good. Blueberry muffin, White choc raz, cinnamon doughnut and double choc are top of the list for me so far! Don’t think I’ll ever use a different protein again!

  56. saqibminhas (verified owner)

    Cinnamon Donut flavour is excellent – subtle and not sickly sweet! Mixed really well even when double scooping and great texture. Looking forward to trying some more flavours.

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