Oximega Kit – 60 servs

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Oximega Kit is an innovative kit which combines the most important nutrients athletes could require in one product.

While Controlled Labs have a superfood product in Orange Oximega Greens, no standalone product can deliver the degree of fish oils needed for optimal health which can range from 6 to 10g depending on the quality of the oil. By combining the best of their Orange Oximega and Orange oil in one package, Orange Oximega Kit covers more bases than either product by itself.

Orange Oximega Kit is an ideal product for those who fail to eat properly as it is designed to pinch hit for nutritionally poor diets by including a wide range of superfood nutrients and fish oils in one package. Having used Oximega ourselves it is also flavoured well which is an important consideration giving it is primarily aimed at people who cannot or will not eat much in the way of fresh fruit and vegetables.


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