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83 reviews for MVPre 2.0

  1. MattJ

    Epic pre best I’ve used still buzzing till around 8pm lol would recommend

  2. Nick Heal (verified owner)

    Best pre workout I’ve ever used. Up there with the original jack3d formula and craze.
    nootropic value is amazing, and pump is insane from it. Only thing it lacks is duration (lasts around 45- 60mins).

  3. andyh784 (verified owner)

    It beats the original

    Energy 10
    Focus 10
    Taste 10 (apple)

  4. deanharveyam (verified owner)

    I rated this as 10/10 when I had the original MVPre so I can only rate this at 12/10 now. I’ve tested this twice under the same conditions and got the most insane of pumps post-workout that I’ve ever had. Coupled with the fact my focus in the gym was second-to-none, it has literally catapulted my workouts to that upper elite level.

    I love this stuff so much, that I feel I may be addicted. I look forward to a training day so much because I know the pump is going to be amazing, the focus is going to be like no other and therefore my workout will be one of my best.

    I opted for the Roadside Lemonade flavour and its the best tasting pre/supp I’ve had to date. A really really nice sharp lemon flavour. Absolutely perfect, although quite sweet (which I like evidently).

    I wish I could take a point away on anything for this just to show that its not actually Crack Cocaine, but I think it might just be.

    Energy 10/10
    Focus 10/10
    Pump 12/10
    Taste 12/10

    Please never ever discontinue this stuff

  5. hooper2787 (verified owner)

    Great pre work out. Good energy
    Good focus
    Good pump
    Good taste

  6. adam_davies98 (verified owner)

    Theres nothing bad i can say about this. I got into the gym and i was laser focused on the task at hand which is getting that filthy pump and gainz. The constant flow of energy carried me through my workout and i can say i didnt feel a crash. Id stay away from taking it late afternoon if you’d like to sleep early but apple flavour tastes amazing and the performance of the pre made it the MVP

  7. rowanboc (verified owner)

    mvpre original I rated 5* this one I rate 4.5* because everything is the same or better in the pump, focus and energy however the 2.0 I notice a small energy drop off after the session that leads me to feeling very tired and fatigued after a session very similar to the comedown of purge sports pre that almost makes me feel a little disorientated and slow, but the main effects of the pre in the session are better with increased energy and focus

  8. David Small

    I’ve deliberately waited to post this review as I wanted to give 2.0 a fair chance. I’ve used MVPre 2.0 for over a week now and I have to say it’s a decent pre.

    On paper it should best the old formula hands down however for me it doesn’t come close to the original. Strange I know.

    I’ve taken 2.0 after my standard pre workout meal, after a smaller meal and I’ve tried it fasted just to make sure I gave it a fair chance.

    For me the focus isn’t as sharp as the original and the pump doesn’t seem to be as intense. Again I can’t explain this as on paper it should be better in both aspects.

    I trained on the original formula yesterday (stocked up prior to the new release) and I have to say, for me it cannot be beaten.

    All in all 2.0 is a very good Pre, possibly still one of the best out there currently it sadly I don’t think it matches the OG.

  9. lewisjones216 (verified owner)

    Had to give this 4 stars because in comparison it just does not seem to work as well and the original mvpre! I’ve tried it multiple times because I thought maybe it was the timing after a meal I took it or other factors but I still found the same result! All that being said it is a very very good pre workout and I would definitely recommend!

  10. Richard Sullivan (verified owner)

    Excellent product . Great flavour and 1 of the very best pre workout shakes 😊

  11. JamesRClark92 (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic pre workout, great pump and great long lasting energy effects.

  12. reallyruff (verified owner)

    Ordered based on a recommendation. Wholly justified. Superb pre, lots of energy, lasting endurance and laser like focus. Would certainly repurchase but not sure about letting anymore in on the secret 😋

  13. Billy Locke (verified owner)

    Great taste. Perfect amount of focus.

  14. Charlie Johnson (verified owner)

    The best preworkout out iv ever tried. I train in the mornings and the Endurance and strength increased dramatically, combined with no massive crash after a few hours like other pre workouts! I would recommend.

  15. tahir.khan

    I’m not a pre-workout junkie, however combining this with NOVO pump gave me the most insane pumps my arms were bigger than Arnie’s…..well at least for a few hours :)……..MVPre give me lot’s of focus, energy even when I wasn’t feeling it before arriving at the gym. I got in the zone and got shit done, I’m sure this will be my number 1 for some time as I plan to rotate with Alpha Lions Super Human Gummy Gains.

  16. hugo.dreux91 (verified owner)

    Very good energy, focus, pump and flavour. Stacks well with NovaPump.

  17. UPersonalTraining (verified owner)

    Having used pre workouts for many many years, finally there are companies out there that dose them specifically so the ingredients work. And boy does this work. If you are looking for a stimulant heavy pre then this isn’t for you. What MVPre 2.0 gives you is super focus, the will and want to carry on training and a general feeling of all round greatness. There is no crash, no weird gut or any negative side effect I have encountered so far. I am currently using the Apple flavour and love it. Pair this up with Nova Pump and you are in for a serious session. Amazing Pre. 10/10 all round from me.

  18. Andrew Lynch (verified owner)

    Used this three times. The effects have been the same every time.

    The Good: Focus, Energy.
    The Bad: Post workout crash
    The Ugly: Altered sense of smell (bizarre, I know).

    I’ve been using pre workouts for about 10 years now. I’ve pretty much tried them all.
    This is good! Probably third best I’ve had, behind Crazed, and Original Jack3D!
    I love that, as I was getting through my workout, my energy seemed to grow!

    HOWEVER, the post workout crash is one of the worst I have experienced. No energy, extreme thirst and a little nautilus.
    Also, I know this sounds bizarre, but it alters my sense of smell. I’ve used MVPRE five times and without doubt, my aftershave smells different when I spray it on me post workout. I thought I was imagining things but over the weekend when I didn’t use MVPRE my aftershave smelled normal.

    I do really like this pre workout, it works! The post workout crash and thirst is off putting, the altered sense of smell is worrying.

  19. pselby2012 (verified owner)

    What a fantastic pre loved this and can highly recommend to anyone out there

  20. Scott Thomas (verified owner)

    Amazing pre workout! Focus was 10/10 with zero come down either. Will be buying again

  21. ebenezertabi

    tried this product after recommended on instagram….dont think i will ever train without it…first time taking was a leg day and probably the best workout in my entire life. couldnt walk for 4 days

  22. George Richards (verified owner)

    Fantastic pre – amazing focus and no crash after of any kind, always an amazing workout with this

  23. Daniel Sandison (verified owner)

    100% once you try it, you wont want any other. Great pump, tunnel focus,great lasting energy I didnt feel a crash.

  24. Harry Cubley (verified owner)

    Consistent pumps, great focus and perfect/ optimal doses of every ingredient. Clinical dose of L-Citrulline Malate which is rare among pre-workouts. Would recommend ‘cycling’ off every now and then as adrenal fatigue can set in and make the pre-workout ineffective, this isn’t anything bad on the products part but just a fact of human biology and worth making a note of.


    by far best pre workout out there. Ive wasted enough money buying pre workouts from the more well known supplement companys, but when you try stuff like this you really see the diffrence.
    Awsome product.

  26. Jason Allsopp (verified owner)

    Used this for the first time today, definitely lived up to the hype, will definitely be using this from now on

  27. Scott Docherty (verified owner)

    Great product and great service from Insight Supps.

  28. conorowens (verified owner)

    10/10 best pre

  29. Mike (verified owner)

    Best all round pre on the market

  30. ThomasHenry92 (verified owner)

    Fantastic pre workout, really good all rounder and the flavour is spot on! Service from insight has always been exceptional!

  31. Josh Bogdani (verified owner)

    all i have to say is, i haven’t had a bad workout from this yet, provides insane pumps too

  32. jake.king.99 (verified owner)

    Best Pre-Workout I have ever had. Huge energy, big pumps and immense focus.

    The candy necklace flavour is bangin’

  33. Joe Lacy (verified owner)

    Gym was closed, lifted the doors off 🙂
    This product 100% helps get sh*t done!

    Focus 10/10
    Taste 9/10 (Roadside Lemonade)
    Pump 10/10
    Focus Laserbeam/10

    So good, big ups to TMC/Josh for recommendations!

  34. Patrick Duggan (verified owner)

    Saw this product recommended and was looking for a preworkout to try to give me something extra as I usually train fasted in the early morning. MVP hit the spot, incredibly effective compared to anything else I’ve tried. I consume quite alot of caffeine but still opted for half a scoop and it seems like a great starting place for this preworkout. Only weird thing was the tub came with the protective seal ripped off, which was a bit odd. 5/5 Product!

  35. tikke raman

    Hands down the best pre workout I’ve had and I’ve tried since starting gym well over 30 different pre workouts but this is by far the only 1 that I “feel”

  36. Liam Morgan (verified owner)

    Best pre I’ve tried, good energy and focus in the gym, good panel, flavour is okay-only flavour pre I’ve been able to tolerate. Only issue is the reaction I get to beta alanine but that’s in all pre’s

  37. Ross (verified owner)

    MVPre 2.0 is amazing in the gym. Great focus, energy and pumps. One of the best out there for this reason.

    However the crash is horrendous! I have a massive tolerance for stims and pre workouts but with this I feel anxiety ridden after use. I feel lethargic and have a bone dry mouth. I feel this out ways the positives of the policy sadly.

  38. Tim (verified owner)

    Personally not sure why this was so hyped. The breakdown of content looks good but some reason i felt the benefits were minimal and if any, didnt last long at all, before facing the biggest crash ive ever had from a pre-workout. Usually feel happy and motivated leaving the gym, but this was the opposite, and all i wanted to do was sleep. maybe a dodgy tub, but won’t be ordering again. Don’t believe the hype!

  39. DOMINIC SHERIFF (verified owner)

    Clean, powerful and great pre work out. One of the best out there. Gives you and ideal mix of focus and pump and stimulant, personally I prefer a heavier hit of stim as I have a a very high tolerance for it but works great. No crash. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  40. Joshua Saunders (verified owner)

    I personally don’t feel any tingles from this product as I do with other stim pre-workouts. That being said, the focus I had from this product was razor sharp which I haven’t experienced before with other stim products. Jungle juice tastes great as well!

  41. Kyle McFadden (verified owner)

    This is my go to pre workout 🏋️‍♀️ can’t be without it stacked with nova pump for them road map veins i tried superhuman this just beats it you wanna get them dense veins get the MVP / nova stack

  42. tmckee_991 (verified owner)

    The GOAT of all pre workouts, absolutely outstanding!

  43. Kie Green (verified owner)

    2nd tub of MVPre, one of the best pres I’ve had! candy necklace or jungle juice both fantastic taste

  44. ThomasHenry92 (verified owner)

    Fantastic pre workout, my number one go too! This flavour pops too!

  45. Luka Kyriakides (verified owner)

    Best pre workout I have tried to this day, candy necklace flavour is 10/10

  46. Jack Adams (verified owner)

    Energy 10/10
    Pump 12/10
    Focus 12/10

    Top class pre

  47. rosswbok (verified owner)

    Still have not found a better pre so well dosed

  48. liamjamescunningham3710 (verified owner)

    feel the effects significantly when timed right, feel my workouts are better on this than any other pre.

  49. Lewis Gillespie (verified owner)

    Bought for the first time in December. 10/10, just ordered my second tub today. Great product!

  50. Gareth (verified owner)

    There’s a reason this is one of the most popular. It’s amazing. If you’re tempted to try this, 100% do it.

  51. Krishan Bilimoria (verified owner)

    The hype behind this pre is most definitely warranted. The synergy of the ingredients is amazing one of the best focus pre workouts I have had and equally the pumps and energy are great. Also the roadside lemonade flavour is great, not too sweet but spot on. Would recommend highly especially for those looking for a productive session.

  52. pmpamitchell (verified owner)

    Lovely tasting pre. The focus & pump is quite good and I enjoy using this. Roadside lemonade is definitely my favorite flavor

  53. Tim Gale (verified owner)

    Focus like I’ve never felt before.

    I’ve found this kicks in pretty fast and the initial boost lasts for the first couple of exercises, but the focus lasts the full workout.

    Top tier product, on another level to your typical UK brands. Freedom Pop tastes great which doesn’t hurt either.

  54. Jay Shah (verified owner)

    My first stim-pre, stacked with Nova Pump Neuro to give insane energy, focus and pump. Able to push more and hitting PBs. Candy Necklace tastes great with zero come down. Highly recommended

  55. dmssingh1982 (verified owner)

    Best pre I’ve tried so far. Really works for me every time, I save it for those sessions that I need to hit it hard. The focus and energy it gives me is unmatched by anything else out there

  56. seanmerry (verified owner)

    great taste, awesome feeling was buzzing, full or half scoop you feel it, by far best pre ever had

  57. Liv Hall (verified owner)

    Been ordering this pre for a while and have nothing bad to say.
    Great neutropics, focus and a decent amount of caffeine.
    Definitely the best tasting pre I’ve tried. Had all flavours apart from freedom pop.
    Roadside lemonade is good and my absolute favourite is candy necklace

  58. lucy cooke

    10/10 pre- deserves the hype it gets!

    I had roadside lemonade- and can hands down say the tatse is amazing (which is rare for a pre- normally you just want to shot it and get it in!)

    The focus and sustained energy is unreal- sessions were levelled up from the day i implemented this !

  59. mikeybrouwer (verified owner)

    Best stim pre I’ve used after the OG MVPre. Roadside lemonade is bang on, refreshing AF and focus side of this pre is a massive factor.

    Energy 9/10
    Focus 10/10
    Pump 7/10 (stacking this with a pump formula works wonders)
    Taste 9/10

  60. richardevans1995 (verified owner)

    One of my favourite ore workouts. Amazing on its own. Insane if stacked with a pump product but not at all necessary

  61. Jason Risby (verified owner)

    Candy Necklace tastes great, mixes really well and does a fantastic job! This Pre definitely sits high on my favourite Pre list. Would 100% recommend to anyone who hasn’t yet given this a try!

  62. Adam-Rhys Davies (verified owner)

    Love this product tried so many pre workouts and this for me is number 1 awesome pump focus and clean energy without a crash. 10/10

  63. Josh boyle (verified owner)

    Great pre, bomsbsicle is my fav and lemon roadside

  64. jonathan (verified owner)

    Only tried Jolly Candy Apple and Apple Lemonade sofa and in terms of taste and effects this is far superior to the original MVPre in my opinion. I did like the original but would sometimes get a really bad crash from it. To sum it up this has all the benefits of the original turned up to 100 minus the crash.

    Also think I may have stumbled on something truly magical stacking it with Alpha Lion’s Komodo pump so would highly recommend trying that combo too. In my top 5 Pre’s easily.

  65. Zach Mosse (verified owner)

    Best pre I’ve tried – Both focus and pump! Fantastic panel, highly recommended!

  66. Curtis Cooper (verified owner)

    Good stim pump, good flavour

  67. cloudy.kidd (verified owner)

    Roadside Lemonade. For me, this product deserves all the praise bestowed by other owners, focus and energy just about perfect, bloodflow and pumps are effective and noticeable but secondary. Very refreshing flavour too.

  68. joshyb_3 (verified owner)

    Brilliant Stim based Pre. I will definitely be using it again.

    I had Apple lemonade and tasted great.

    Have a play with dosing, I started off at 8g and that felt great. Highest I tried was 15g but I am quite stim sensitive so brought it back down and found 10-12g was the sweet spot for me.

  69. Cianan Brangan (verified owner)

    wow best pre I have had, jungle juice is a very Nice flavour but a little subtle for me, but the pre does the talking, amazing

  70. Dom Bousfield (verified owner)

    Fantastic all round pre – great pump and focus.
    Jungle Juice flavour is a brilliant flavour – can’t fault.

  71. Thomas Hough (verified owner)

    By far the best stim pre I’ve tried

  72. rkturner94 (verified owner)

    Great value for money as it gives you everything you need. Intense focus which doesn’t seem to dip or crash, pump is good & euphoric feeling all work together so well. Roadside lemonade is a great taste

  73. c.j.murphy (verified owner)

    Brilliant focus and energy. Jungle juice is my personal favourite flavour.

  74. scottrawson2 (verified owner)

    Roadside Lemonade flavour is brilliant. Mixability is great too. Energy feels clean but lost a star due to a bad crash after each use. Maybe just me and an ingredient. But cant argue with its impact for training.

  75. Perran Tustin (verified owner)

    Banging pre-workout, gives you that oomph you need and only did 1/2 a scoop which was class, service and staff and really good. Class pre-workout definitely recommend!

  76. dnovikovas (verified owner)

    Basically use this one only on heavy leg day sessions but every time its 10/10 for me . Long lasting energy and good pump. Would definitely recommend and will buy again. very happy with this pre-workout.

  77. hugo.dreux91 (verified owner)

    The GOAT of pres. Outrageous focus and pump. Apple and lemonade flavours are my favorites

  78. Jamie Johnson (verified owner)

    Still the best preworkout on the market. The focus and energy you get is 10/10 with a long lasting effect throughout the session.

  79. amy goble (verified owner)

    great taste ..great preworkout

  80. adambellbph

    Got recommended this by lad in the shop , i second that recommendation, nice energy not overpowering and strenth increase is very good

  81. Rachel Colbeck (verified owner)

    Heard so much about this I had to get a tub and it did not disappoint.
    Felt really focused throughout my session, definite increase in strength and a decent focus!
    I reckon this will easily become a new favourite.

  82. charlieof96 (verified owner)

    Have been using for a couple of weeks and can say it’s hands down the best pre I’ve ever used, even with half a scoop see a massive difference in focus and strength which easily lasts a 45-60min workout.

    However, I’ve found a few times that the crash a few hours afterwards can be pretty intense, so making an effort to only use on days when I feel like I really need it to get a good session in.

  83. bradley-green (verified owner)

    10/10 everytime

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