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  • Multi-phase strength and endurance enhancement
  • May assist with exercise intensity and alertness
  • May assist with cognition, memory and mental focus
  • May assist with blood flow, nutrient delivery and muscle cell volume
  • May assist with lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation
  • May assist with feelings of well-being and euphoria

*Contents may settle in transit or storage, we recommend shaking the tub thoroughly before each use.


Recommended Dosing:

Pre-workout performance: 1/2-1 scoop 15-20 min. pre-workout

Pre-cardio performance and fat loss: 1/2 scoop 15-20 min. pre-cardio

Energy drink or coffee replacement: 1/2-1 scoop, sipped over an hour or two

DO NOT take within 3-5 hours of other stimulant sources (I.e. preworkouts, coffee, energy drinks, cold medication, etc.)

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Strawberry Lemon

8 reviews for Morphogen – ALPHAGEN

  1. lita_lover1 (verified owner)

    Smell – nesquick strawberry milkshake
    Taste – sour peppery strawberry
    Focus level – roid rage

  2. kenzo_westside (verified owner)

    Alphagen is a top tier pre, up there with MVPre & Superhuman Supreme.
    With long lasting tunnel vision, drive and not feeling tired even with only four hours of sleep. Definitely give this one a try!

  3. Dan Cox (verified owner)

    Perhaps i was expecting too much from this. Taste is below average IMO – I think there is obviously a stacked panel but for the cost of the product the effects are just not their IMO – does not hit hard, very little euphoria but very good pumps.

    Will stick with MVPre when it restocks.

  4. Sher Fiaz (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a nice tasting pre this isn’t the one to purchase but it’s expected with such a loaded panel. Focus is unbelievable and gives moderate consistent energy throughout your session. Focus and pumps beat MVPre for me but if you want that really strong f*ck you up feeling – MVPre is still the king.

  5. pselby2012 (verified owner)

    Focus was good pumps were there too, quite euphoric. Taste was awful in my opinion but that’s because the panel is stacked with lots of ingredients. This pre will not take the crown from MVPre but still a pretty decent pre workout

  6. Jason Risby (verified owner)

    I have no doubt that i will be in the minority with this review but this product left me well and trulely disappointed. The taste, imo, was awful and the mixability was even worse. That said, you have to judge on the effects. Energy was there and lasted the session but both focus and pump was below average. This is only my experiance and everyone has different tolerances, but this isn’t a scratch on MVPre, especially when taking in to account the price!

  7. Eryn (verified owner)

    For me one of the best pre ever I can really feel increase in dopamine and acetylcholine(strength+focus and motivation) another noticeable effect is pain tolerance (analgesia) so you can push even harder and low dose of caffeine(stimulants) saving your adrenals…. pre you can use everyday….pumps are very good and taste is also good anyway if you are serious about bodybuilding (results) taste of pre shouldn’t be priority 😉

  8. nino (verified owner)

    This Pre was suggested from the owner of this page. First of all the service and the shipping was great! Within 2 days I received my package from UK.

    The taste of this product is really nice and smooth. I had strawberry/lemon 8/10.
    The focus is exactly what I’ve searched for 9/10!
    Pump really good and keeps during the whole workout 9/10.

    Overall I would everyone recommend this pre-workout, who is watching for a great Allrounder with a dope focus and pump. One of the important things as well is that I had no crash after using it 👌🏼

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