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PR-BREAKER MATERIA was formulated to increase energy, focus, pump, strength, and endurance while decreasing fatigue. Each ingredient was specifically chosen to help users complete more reps and sets, lift heavier weight, and ultimately break and set new PRs. †

PR-BREAKER MATERIA is a complete pre-workout formula containing all the ingredients you need to train harder, recover faster, and improve your results when combined with intense training and proper nutrition. †

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Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Green Apple

2 reviews for Pr Breaker – Materia

  1. (verified owner)

    Materia is an honestly such a well made product. The energy it provides is CLEAN. No crashes/jitters/tingles only sustained energy. Powerlifting sessions usually last 2-3 hours and sometimes I lose focus by the end of it and get a bit complacent with my accessory work but with Materia I feel like I’m zoned in with enough to get me through. I got cotton candy and the flavour is really good. Not sickly sweet, no sourness and no itch in the mouth. Shouldn’t have to be said but goes to show how many shitty products are out there. One of the most important things for me in anything I consume before/during training is that it cannot leave a stickiness in my mouth. Too much salivating puts me off my bracing which is what happens with certain pre-workout. Only thing I’m not a huge fan of although this is down to personal preference is the way Huperzine A makes me feel during training. The zoned-in tunnel vision focus can sometimes feel like brain fog. I prefer an expanded vision rather than a tunneled vision for training but that’s not something that is a fault of this PWO. Can’t wait to try the Blu Raz which I heard has an awesome taste

  2. Ben Allison (verified owner)

    Decent PWO. Feel it doesn’t get as much recognition as the rest! But 2 scoops will do the job, to say it’s choline bitartrate, it gives very good focus! And the l tyrosine makes you feel great in the gym. Only downside is, you get quite used to it after a while. Might be to do with the fact there is not a lot of ingredients in it… 1 scoop doesn’t touch the sides, unless you’re sensitive to stims.


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