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In a category littered with thoughtless, dated formulations, cheap under dosed and ineffective products take up way too much shelf space.

…But thankfully, we ain’t all in it for the money! A few brands do it right and do it well and we like to consider ourselves to be one of them. Defib was designed by people that train, for people that train. We only formulate products that we are excited to use ourselves!

Defib’s research driven formula utilises high doses of effective ingredients, is fully transparent and highly effective. Made for Progress!

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6 reviews for H.R – Defib

  1. 85wcannon (verified owner)

    This is such a great pre workout absolutely love it gives a good natural clean energy and focus – jelly bean flavour is good – only down fall is it is expensive for a 23 servings

  2. UPersonalTraining (verified owner)

    The ingredient profile on this product is very very good indeed. Overall, this is a very good pre. Quite heavy on the focus side of things. I wouldn’t rate it as highly as MVPre 2.0 but it by no means an inferior product in comparison. It is just different. I am using the Jelly Bean flavour which is nice, tastes more like Mango to me but still mixes well and is very pleasant. 8/10

  3. tom_daykin12

    I had a decent workout whilst using this pre. I tried the jelly bean flavour and wasn’t a massive fan; I personally found it too artificial tasting and wasn’t a fan of its thicker consistency.

  4. be_limitless

    This is one of the best put together pres I’ve had and the flavour (cherry) was spot on very sweet and was easy to drink. I found it was great for focus and was a smooth energy throughout unlike most big panels there was no crash at the end make me feel food while training and felt fine after training

    For sure is one of my everyday pres and would go for it again to try different flavours

  5. joshlaw7

    Jelly bean flavour and blue slush great tastes. Easy mix, no clumping at all. No real drop of energy throughout weight sessions.

    Great addition to anyone looking for that edge to improve their performance. And when you work out per serving; is great value for money.

  6. Mark Greer

    got in my mystery box, tastes great and packs a punch

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