GlycoMax – 300 caps

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High strength Glucose Disposal Aid.

per 5 cap serving

1000mg berberine HCL

500mg bitter melon extract

500mg patented 20-1 water soluble Cinnulin Pf

300mg ALA

250mcg Chromium Picolinate

9 reviews for GlycoMax – 300 caps

  1. Gordon (verified owner)

    Started with glycomax and have returned to glycomax. I tried rpg and also black stone labs version and nothing comes close to the effectiveness or doses of strom Richard is a genius all his products are amazing

  2. jetlitchfield (verified owner)

    The best GDA on the market, a superb addition to offseason for utilising them carbohydrates. Start with a lower dose and build up to the recommended dose.

  3. michael.o-toole.1 (verified owner)

    Great GDA definitely helped my offseason

  4. a.brightfuture_fitness

    Amazing product

  5. djpikey2 (verified owner)

    Did not notice any difference when taking this product. Would not buy this again

  6. hummer-nds (verified owner)

    Product that definitely works, just like the rest products by storm. I checked my bg levels and they confirmed that it works 100%
    A must have with all carb meals

  7. Nick Heal (verified owner)

    Tried Blackstone labs and it doesn’t even compare. just have to remember to take it with all meals to see real effects

  8. richardevans1995 (verified owner)

    Take with all carb heavy meals. Better pumps, always look fuller and definitely helps with muscular endurance

  9. jaredpotts (verified owner)

    Fantastic GDA. Really helping during big carb meals in my off season

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