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What is Ghost Amino V2

Ghost Amino V2 is a full disclosure BCAA, EAA, hydrating, electrolyte formula that combines a leucine dominant BCAA formula with full spectrum EAAs and hydration ingredients to keep you in an MPS zone all day and every workout.

What is in it that is so good?

Every ingredient on Ghost’s Amino’s label is broken down so you get to see exactly what you’re taking.

The formula includes a hefty 10g of essential amino acids with 4.5g of those being BCAAs at a 4:1:1 ratio and 5.5g EAAs. Also in the mix is taurine, coconut water, Aquamin, and the absorption enhancer AstraGin.

What are the main benefits of Ghost Amino

  • Full Disclosure Label
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Added astragin for added absorption
  • 5.5G EAAs and 4.5G BCAAs
  • Raw Coconut Water, Taurine and Aquamin For Hydration

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Blue Raspberry, Warheads Sour Apple, Welch's Grape


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