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Blackcurrant, Grape, Orange, Pineapple

4 reviews for Fade Out

  1. jonathan (verified owner)

    Had to half scoop at first as it did initially give me a slight hangover like feeling on a full scoop. However after a few days I took a full scoop and can honestly say I now have the best nights sleep I’ve had in years on training days when I take this feeling refreshed in the morning ready to go.

  2. jsmith9511 (verified owner)

    I work nights and this really helps me get my sleep cycle back on track!! Great product.

  3. UPersonalTraining

    This is a serious product. I have been monitoring my sleep for a while now and have realised although not only was I not getting enough sleep, that the quality of sleep wasn’t that great either. I use Ashwaghanda, Zinc, Magnesium and 5htp already but thought i would try this. This stuff works, no question. The first few times I used it my sleep quality increased from around 60 ish % to well over the 80% quality. There is a slight case of feeling heavy eyed for a while the next day but this soon goes after a few uses. However I have noticed that although i do not use this all the time, my sleep hasn’t been so good, but yet I still feel refreshed when i wake up so that is a bonus. I i
    only use this when i know I have the option to get a good 7-8 hours sleep, and try to use it on as best an empty stomach as possible. When i do use this I just take my ashwaghanda, not 5htp, zinc or magnesium as i do not want to overload my body. Overall a solid 8.5/10 – I opted for Pineapple and although it does have a very slight weird aftertaste, it is very drinkable and quite refreshing.

  4. Alejandro Carretero (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel so much with this… a bit dissappointed…

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