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Endura-Vol was created to fuel your hardest training sessions and aid in recovery. It stimulates mTOR with
its unique and advanced peptide formula. It has the ability to not only offset fatigue but also encourage
MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) while training. Intra-vol’s main highlight is its ability to deliver actual
protein bonds when consumed. It carries 13.5grams of (fractioned )WHEY – protein isolate per serving,
which yields 16 grams of complete aminos due to the special peptide blend. This allows it to deliver
more protein in pure clean form without the access calories normal whey isolate provides. If you want to
be exact intra-vol provides 27grams of pure fractioned isolate, 0carbs ,and 0fat’s for only 96 calories .
This by far makes it the most versatile “HYBRID” amino on the market.


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Amino9™ is composed of a unique, clinically-substantiated blend of the nine essential amino acids. This
amino acid blend contains what the body needs to optimize muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Amino9™
is designed to help bodybuilders, competitive athletes, and anyone leading an active lifestyle to improve
strength and body composition.

PepForm® A-Fatigue Fighter Peptides is made from a proprietary process which includes peptides
isolated from fresh sweet whey using advanced fractionation and separation technologies. PepForm® AFatigue Fighter Peptides is high in LNAA’s which manage serotonin levels to forestall fatigue. This
peptide system is ideal for use in high acid, low pH formulations and allows for improved flavor and

PepForm® 2:1:1 BCAA peptides. It has ideal proportions of leucine, isoleucine and valine to trigger
muscle synthesis through the mTOR pathway. It also aids in muscle recovery
AminoBlast™. Instantized clear- form and processed AminoBlast™, a powerful blend of BCAA amino
acids. This is clearly BCAA’s in there purest form with no impurity’s.

Thought we were done ?

PepForm® Citrulline Peptides is made from a proprietary process that binds free form citrulline to
peptides isolated from fresh whey using advanced fractionation and separation technologies. This will
assist in the delivery of vital nutrients while training and even post workout

Carnipure® L-Carnitine plays an important role in facilitating the recovery process in response to
physical activity. In this role, Carnipure® L-Carnitine helps to protect the endothelial cells from an LCarnitine deficiency (thereby positively influencing the markers of purine catabolism), reduce tissue
damage and muscle soreness and facilitate the overall process of recovery. Carnipure® is a special
grade of L-Carnitine, so why not give you purest form available?

Taurine– promotes cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function, and
immune modulation. This is also a very critical component in INTRA-VOL .

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Berry Limeade

3 reviews for Endura-Vol

  1. reeswarren1 (verified owner)

    Berry limeade tastes pretty good. Hard to give a full explanation of the effects as it’s hard to judge with EAAs but will say mixes well after leaving it to stand for a few minutes for the foam to go down. But I felt energised weirdly without using a carb powder in my most recent workout. However when mixed with demo day it was also really good.

  2. Simon.young86 (verified owner)

    Mixes very well and tastes good. I didn’t really notice anything when I started taking Endura-Vol but after my tub ran out I did noticed I was feeling more tired by the end of my workouts.

  3. tahir.khan (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Endura Vol for 3 months it’s by far the best EAA’s I’ve ever used together with it’s patented ingredients it delivers 13.5g protein to assist with recovery and repleneshing your depleted glycogen stores during/after an intensive workout. I have found it gives me extra energy and endurance during my workouts.

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