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Extreme Focus • Massive Pumps • Intense Energy

DVST8 Worldwidewidewide is perfectly crafted with five core trademarked ingredients, included patented NO-3T® nitrates, Dynamine™, PeakO2®, Advantra Z®, and KannaEase™ that work seamlessly to deliver full-on pumps, laser-like focus, and maximum endurance.

This formula offers everything you need in a pre-performance booster, all without any grey-market ingredients. Did we just become best friends?!

  • 25 Servings
  • Vegan
  • No WADA Banned Substances
  • No Artificial Colors

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Galaxy Pop, Malibu Breeze (Strawberry Watermelon), Sour Yummies

5 reviews for DVST8 Worldwide

  1. Krishan Bilimoria (verified owner)

    The energy kick is quite different from a lot of other pre workouts out there as the caffeine is from a natural source so it does take longer to kick in rather than anhydrous which is much more hard hitting. Regardless, you do get a lot of focus and pumps with this and with the Advantra Z added this definitely works up a sweat. Also, the fact that it is natural caffeine with the dynamine in there means that there is no post workout crash either and like the fact its also got Peak o2 thrown in there. Overall a very good (and different) type of pre which also tastes amazing in sour yummies. Would recommend to those looking for a different type of pre workout.

  2. stefiano12 (verified owner)

    Very good pre workout!
    Focus and energy on point, no crash always good!
    And still a good pump from a stick pre.

  3. dmssingh1982 (verified owner)

    Overhyped in my opinion. I was extremely disappointed with DVST8, I litterally felt nothing. I will not be buying again

  4. lee_wyatt (verified owner)

    Would recommend the malibu breeze as this taste incredible, sharp yet sweet taste. In terms of effects i was blown away the first use then gradually as ive used for the other x amount of times, i didn’t receive as great an effect but nonetheless the main factors of the pre that i experienced was high energy and focus throughout my training

  5. DOMINIC SHERIFF (verified owner)

    Not as hard hitting as I thought and had heard about it but I have a high tolerance to Stims. Gives you seriously good clean energy and gets you through that work out. No crash and mixes well. Taste is ok. 7/10

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