Cortisolve – 28servs

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  • Highest dosed PS supplement available per serving (800 mg).
  • Lowers cortisol into healthy ranges without blocking the corticosteroid receptor.
  • May reduce muscle soreness after resistance training.
  • May protect cell membranes — encourages optimal cell-signaling.
  • May support brain health & memory function.
  • May increase insulin sensitivity by lowering excess cortisol levels — blunting gluconeogenesis & preserving muscle glycogen.
  • Perfect product to incorporate for Post Cycle Therapy (pct) after coming off a hormone cycle to mitigate a rise in cortisol and optimize testosterone output.

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MPA CortiSolve is a naturally occurring phospholipid, designed to minimize the cortisol increase after exercise while optimizing the testosterone-­to-­cortisol ratio post exercise.

MPA CortiSolve is known as a “cortisol optimizer” because it can optimize the beneficial effects of cortisol without lowering it too much (which also causes undesirable side effects), while increasing mental clarity, memory recall, and mitigating anxiousness..

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