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Cherry Limeade, Frozen Bombsicle, Midnight Cherry, Orange Slice, Purple Frost, Strawberry Watermelon, Tropical Blast, Cotton Candy

3 reviews for C4 Energy Drink’s

  1. p-man143 (verified owner)

    Have tried midnight cherry and orange slice. Both flavours delicious. Strong flavours not subtle (in a good way). I think preferred the orange slice. Obviously had them ice cold. Now they have a performance blend which is a prop so we cant tell much but they do have carnosyn beta alanine but i did still get some minor tingles in my ears and forehead which i get with regular beta alanine. Which i never get with reign monster or 3d or merica energy so one thing to note if you are really sensitive to the tingles. Delicious drinks thought if they was cheaper i would buy by the case tbh. Way better than reign and monster. Id say level with merica energy for flavour. Will try some other flavours on my next month order

  2. cloudy.kidd (verified owner)

    Tried the Cotton Candy – which is about the best example of name that I’ve thus tasted, excellent. C4 GO’s are harder hitting than other energy drinks out there, but on the basis of this flavour they deserve to be near top billing. Beware if you are sensitive to Beta Alanine though, you will tingle..

  3. adam_davies98 (verified owner)

    I had the orange slice and cherry limeade and they were brilliant, can definitely feel it more than your average energy drink i can tell you that

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