Bring the Chaos – 25 servs

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11 reviews for Bring the Chaos – 25 servs

  1. makswyard (verified owner)

    Amazing pre! Zero crash and taste incredible!


    Sour gummy tastes like refreshers, might be showing my age with that reference! Very good pre though, would recommend

  3. bexybexxo

    Received the sour gummy to sample. I agree the taste is like refreshers, energy was good and no crash: had a great chest workout using this pre and can highly recommend

  4. dolph kd

    insane pre workout, great energy and focus. no crash at all.

  5. Matt (verified owner)

    Best pre workout I have ever used, good focus, pump and stim. Sour Gummy flavour is good too and mixes perfectly.

  6. Gareth (verified owner)

    Great tasting. Nice focus. Would buy again!

  7. ben_norton_05

    Up there with the top tier pre’s. Great all rounder!

  8. richardevans1995 (verified owner)

    Simple and effective as a standalone or stacked with a pump powder . Great value for money

  9. PATRICK DUGGAN (verified owner)

    This preworkout is very very good and a decent price as well. Lacking slightly on the pump side but does have a corresponding formula to stack it with. Really good focus and buzz in the gym, only downside is at high doses I felt quite a crash post gym. Especially good for leg days!

  10. kalamgrace

    If you want your head blown this is the pre workout for you!! I personally experienced bad crashes when using 3/4 / full scoop

  11. Rory Dickson (verified owner)

    I purchased this pre workout based on good reviews from well known individuals in the fitness industry. The taste and focus are both very good in the gym with an okay pump, giving an initial impression of a good overall preworkout. However, the crash post workout is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced from a pre workout, and I’ve tried over 20 different brands. It leaves you feeling completely down and depressed and unbelievably tired. Would not recommend to anyone. I had two friends try a full scoop and they experienced similar effects. Disappointing and really not worth the mediocre boost it gives within the gym session.

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