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10 reviews for BIG NOISE

  1. Rory Slattery

    Flavour is nice. I mixed it with the lower end of the liquids so it was nice and strong. Mixed well and I had a nice pump.

  2. Lewis (verified owner)

    Sour gummy bear flavour is mental. Great pump and a bonus it’s non stim. Fast delivery will definitely order from here again!

  3. chrislilley482

    Great taste, mixed well and got great pumps! Would recommend and I will be buying again

  4. Liam (verified owner)

    Brilliant product! Pump was amazing and long lasting, mixed we’ll and sour gummy bear isn’t that bad of a flavour!

  5. lee_wyatt (verified owner)

    Product that works every time for me; pump is crazy. Have tried sour gummy bear and strawberry flavour, both really well. Mixability isn’t great however with non stim pre’s I always find that’s the case then again it shows the purity of the ingredients. Taste 7/10, pumps 9/10, mixability 6/10

  6. jcondley (verified owner)

    Flavour is great, pump is great. As with all Pump formulas, there is an element of graininess, but this is still one of the best for the mixability. Stack with Total War.

  7. mackeyben (verified owner)

    Not a fan unfortunately. Struggles to mix for me, end up eating some of it with a spoon! Good pump good focus

  8. tom_daykin12 (verified owner)

    Not a fan of this. I stacked it with Total War and the workouts were good, but I personally had similar experiences with just Total War.

    Overall I hated the mixibility and only used it to finish off the tub.

  9. dmssingh1982

    Received a sample of this with a recent order. As pump formulas go I would say this is pretty decent, I had really good focus and intensity, will be looking to get a tub of this for sure.

  10. Mark Greer (verified owner)

    struggled to get it to mix so started taking it straight with a little water and I found that works great

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