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Take a close look at Attack’s label and you will find research validated, time tested ergogenic aids dosed at clinical levels combined with cutting edge compounds that will give the term total domination a whole new meaning. From top to bottom Attack is the most advanced, hardest hitting pre-workout packed with only the best ingredients such as:

• Cytidine 5’-diphosphocholine – A nootropic compound that converts to both choline and cytidine upon ingestion which leads to improved focus and cognition.
• Caffeine Complex – Caffeine is one of the most clinically-supported ergogenic aids. Improves energy, focus, and power all without the typical caffeine crash
• Beta-Alanine ¬– Buffers blood acids to squeeze out more reps for better pumps and huge gains.
• Citrulline Malate – A dual-threat: Provides huge boosts to training volume with the metabolic intermediate malate and stimulates nitric oxide production with citrulline.
• L-Ornithine – Shown to decrease ammonia concentrations in the blood ultimately allowing you to exercise harder for longer.

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Cherry Candy, Jolly Watermelon, Lime Candy, Sweetish Punch, Zombie Berry (limited edition), Geeky Grape (HubbaBubba), Grape Lime Lollipop, Gummy Bear, Peach O's (peach rings), Rainbow Fruit (skittles), Sour Raspberry, Starpunch (starburst), Sweet N Tangy (sour straps)

26 reviews for Attack – Preworkout

  1. jak-murphy17

    WHERE DO I START !!! the most underated pre workour on the site, many miss something with this product due to the low price but the formula and effect you hvae is insane. Such a strong tingling product, kept me driven throughout the session. The taste, well this is another level, such a comparision to the sweets and in enjoyable to drink. No crash involved with this pre workour either !!

    10/10 for sure

  2. lloydmarchant13 (verified owner)

    Went for Rainbow Fruit flavour
    Great pump/flavour and focus – good overall pre

  3. tserene1

    I was sent a free sample in gummy bear flavour. Probably the best value for money stim based pre workout I’ve tried after realising you get 25 servings for only £26.99. Took about 30 mins to kick in and the energy & feeling was great. Very sustained and no crash. Pump was ok but its more stim focused so I didn’t mind that. Gummy Bear flavour was nice not too sour or sweet and no dodgy taste. Overall very surprised on its effectiveness and I will definitely be buying a tub for my next purchase.

  4. lee_wyatt (verified owner)

    Quite underrated for price. Solid pre workout in terms of energy and feeling extremely tingly, never had tingles like it off any pre, ingredients must be so pure. Pump isn’t very notable hence the 4 stars but then ingredient panel isn’t focused on that as you can see. Another insane positive is FLAVOUR. I got rainbow fruit- hands down best pre I’ve tasted, I usually like sharp but this has definitely given me another view in terms of a flavourings in a pre workout.

  5. williamevans123 (verified owner)

    I have tried a few pre-workout (however wouldn’t consider myself an expert) and this is BY FAR the best one I have tried. From the mix to the taste to the buzz to the tingle, all with out making your stomachs feel dodgy. I use it with carnishred of the same flavour. Great product

  6. cloudy.kidd (verified owner)

    Impressed by the energy and focus of this product. Not OTT, rather smooth and sustained buzz. Sour Raspberry was delicious, like a souped-up amino flavour. For the price and 25 serve’s its difficult to beat.

  7. William Mosedale (verified owner)

    Great product good taste and kept me focused through my workout, But even better service. Order on Wednesday receved on Thursday (Glasgow) was kept upto date on when it would be delivered and received a free pre workout sample why can’t all companies operate as good as this will definitely be buying here from now on.

  8. tom_daykin12 (verified owner)

    A really good pre-workout. Focus and energy are both a positive and I could have carried on for a lot longer.

    My only negative is probably the flavour. The taste is nice, but I chose the ‘sour raspberry’, as I really like sharp flavours and was probably a bit sold by the Sour Patch Kids style branding. However it actually just turned out to be a generic ‘blue raspberry’ flavour, which I’ve had multiple times by different brands.

    Overall a very good pre-workout but I wish I’d chosen a more creative flavour.

  9. AARON WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    Great value for money stim.

  10. Dexter.779 (verified owner)

    Sour raspberry is such a subtle, refreshing and actually tasty raspberry flavour! Such good clean energy that lasts the whole session with no crash, bkt to mention amazing value for money due to serving size and price!

  11. conorowens (verified owner)


  12. Jack Quinn (verified owner)

    Best pre workout for the price, can’t beat it without spending more that £35

  13. tikke raman (verified owner)

    The cheapest pre workout on the website and maybe one of the strongest god damn its sneaks up on you slow but deadly pumps

  14. mehrali1998 (verified owner)

    Cheapest pre I have tried and I am in love with! Gummy bear mixes with water and tastes great! Not a massive stimulant that will send you side ways but puts you into the zone you want to be in. Focus is great and no crash after! Will definitely buying again!

  15. Aaron Costigan (verified owner)

    Best pre-workout for the money by far! Pump was decent and focus was great.

  16. Ciarán Caulfield (verified owner)

    Good pre, tapers off very nicely. You notice the comedown moreso the first one or two times but after that it gets easier to handle. Overall happy with this pre especially for the value

  17. animalpak1

    This is one of those pre’s, which show you don’t always have to go by the label. Looks underdosed & unremarkable, yet within 20mins, you’re flying & have one of the best feelings of sustained energy I’ve had from a pre. Had products with loaded labels (20g+ serving), that havent come close to ‘Attack’. All it needs is to be stacked with a Pump pre & you’re good to go. Flavour (rainbow) was great too.

  18. Gareth (verified owner)

    This got recommended to me by a friend. It definitely got me through some tough sessions! Would recommend!

  19. s.bancroft8 (verified owner)

    A lot of good reviews but really didn’t do it for me. Grape flavour was not good and gave me niacin flush even thought took the recommended dosage.

  20. jonathan (verified owner)

    I got the Sour Raspberry flavour. Very underrated Pre in terms of what it does for what’s in it. Good amount of energy and focus. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I found the initial taste of the Sour Raspberry flavour to be quite clinical however the aftertaste was nice. Probably wouldn’t get this flavour again but keen to try the others. If you’re on a budget and want a pre that does the job then this is the one.

  21. Chris Coates (verified owner)

    Cheap and definitely does the job. Flavours are great too!

  22. Jourdan Osho (verified owner)

    Great preworkout introduction for my wife and she loves the peachos flavour

  23. hugo.dreux91 (verified owner)

    Very solid all-round pre, especially for the price. Sour raspberry flavour is brilliant.

  24. rkturner94 (verified owner)

    Amazing value for money. Felt the boost in energy, strength, pump & alertness. Tastes great too

  25. Sher Fiaz (verified owner)

    Seriously under rated pre! This will be my go to from now on… taste, focus, energy and pump all bang on and consistent with no crash.

  26. jboosey17 (verified owner)

    Great little pre. Last few reps felt like the first. Great energy.

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